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Why do pain pills make me happy?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Luvs2splooj, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Well iv only had a few experiences with pain pills. First times was when I had to get a cyst removed and got some free lortab. My dealer also has them, and i just got some oxycodone cause i got some teeth taken out.

    Anyways, whenever I take these, I feel happy. Thats the best word I can use to describe, just, happy. I know pills are addictive and i dont plan on taking alot. But I was just wondering why I feel so good. Its not like I feel high or anything, i just feel normal, but i feel good. It doesnt seem like a feeling like this should be illegal for me to try to attain.

    My main question is this. Why do lortabs/oxycodones make me feel so happy. Also, is there some kind of a precription I could get that has a similar effect? I know this sounds bad but after taking these I almost feel like I need them. Not need as in i wont survive without them, but I just never feel depressed or down on them.

    Any thoughts would be great!
  2. Erowid is your friend

    and thats probably all this thread is going to fill up with (links to erowid that is)

    and yea you can get a script for that

    they are called lortab and oxycontin
  3. euphoria is one of the effects...
    taking ecstasy is a similar feeling but on a whole different level
  4. Well i know I CAN get a prescription. But i doubt i can just ask for one.

    What if I were to go to my doctor and tell him that when I took pain meds I felt right? Is there any medication that is specifically for this feeling? Im trying to word this without sounding like an addict cause thats not what this is about lol.
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    From my knowledge.. Opiates cause euphoria through binding to mu and kappa receptors.. thats whats giving you that well being feeling.. I would not quote me on that but yea..

    You wont be able to get a script by asking the doctor and telling him it makes you feel happy, but if you have a legit need of them for pain im sure a doctor can help you.

    Are you wanting them for depression?

  6. Yes and no. Im not clinically diagnosed with depression. But I have a suspicion that I have it, may be not severe but I feel like I do. I have just never done anything about getting it diagnosed. Its just that when Iv taken these im much more socially calm and any conversation anxiety I have is gone.

    For the most part, yes Im wanting them for depression.
  7. well if you say that you might get put on suboxone for a while

    but only because if you say that YOU WILL sound like an addict

    and if mdma was still legal (or atleast scheduled different) then yea there would be a drug for that (im not suggesting that you take a roll everyday) but there are many uses for it at low (and even moderate-high) doses

    and actually it does kind of sound like you might be becoming mentally addicted to it
    (physical addiction is ALOT worse though)

  8. Well i havnt taken it nearly enough to become mentally or physically addicted to it. Im trrying to make it clear its not a high or a buzz im looking for, its more of me trying to get rid of other feelings and moods I have.
  9. get really good insurance, and take up skateboarding w/o protective gear :D
  10. I see, well any doctor would try to prescribe you an anti-depressant of some type and not an opiate. Opiates can be very addicting and everyday use will put you through some hard withdrawals as well as tolerance build up. In my opinion if it really helps you use it, but don't make it a habit or it'll be much worse then just feeling a little down. Maybe try some other type of drugs for your depression?

    I really feel you on this, im bipolar/schiz and marijuana is a gift from beyond for me.
  11. I doubt they'd prescribe you opiates for depression or social anxiety. If you just want to get rid of the "other feelings and moods you have" and aren't looking for a high, your best bet would be to ask for an anti-depressant prescription. If you're lucky, you might even be able to get a benzo prescription for anxiety. But I wouldn't recommend getting an opiate prescription, you'd be asking for addiction. Especially since it sounds like you're taking them more for the high they give you than for the pain. Just save your pain killers for a rainy day when you're feeling down or something and don't make it a regular habit by getting a prescription, in my opinion.
  12. Also, does anyone know if its ok to mix oxycodone and lortab? Not mix as in take at the same time, but if i take an oxy at around 6 then take a couple tabs around 9 or 10?
  13. yea dude you should be good just don't take to much and make sure neither is an extended release vs insta release
  14. Wait till you need 6 OC80's just to function throughout the day, spend every dollar you have on achieving this, and lose any friends or family that you have. Then tell me you would never feel depressed or down on them.
  15. OP- not having those "other feelings" and just being happy is pretty much what a high is, hate to break it to you. Opiates no doubt make anyone feel great, and they're definitely not something you want to use for depression. If you tell your doctor they make you feel right he'll probably laugh you out the door. Tell him you think you're suffering from depression and he can actually do something to help you or refer you to someone who can.
  16. I doubt a single person could ever take 6 80's a day. For someone with even mildly low tolerance, a single 80 could result in an overdose, Not to mention the effects of a single OC80 are released over nearly a 12 hour period.

    If you are taking 6 80's a day, it really just means you are too much of a snob to switch to dope.

  17. If I wouldn't have personally witnessed it, I wouldn't believe it either. But this kid could rail 3 and barely feel anything. He also slang them, hence why he could afford it.

    Some opiate abusers refuse to switch to heroin because you never know what you get. With OC you know what you are getting, you know the dose, and you know who made it.
  18. pharmaceutical quality, perfectly measured, easily transported/hidden. but fuck they are pricey though.
  19. Well it is a high you are looking for, because that feeling of happiness is a high obviously. PKs are very euphoric and kill any pain you may have, not just physical pain. This forum is full of addicts, you don't have to keep worrying about what people think of you dude, we understand. You like drugs, so do we. If you are depressed you should try anti depressants, a doctor will not prescribe you opiates just cause they make you feel good, lol.

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