Why do old people think they can do anything?

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  1. Sup gc i dont post up much around here but here it goes.

    So im at the local spot today doing some downhill trail runs testing some stuff i built last week, so im doing my thing going up and down this hill trying diffrent lines. Anyways on the 4th or 5th not sure which run i almost clip and elderly person walking a dog ( keep in mind these trails are strickly for bikes) i shout sorry even tho hes in the wrong, as im doing another trails maybe 30 mins later im flying down the hill and i see him again this time being careful to avoid him i stay to the right of the trail , BIG MISTAKE. This old geezer grabs a stick and jams it in my back tire as im going full speed i go flying off the bike and landing in some brush not knowing what just happened.:mad:

    Im kinda feeling woozy and trying to come to and this guy is coming at me with this stick and his dumbass dog ( it was the size of a football i should have bunted the damn thing) he comes at me screaming WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOUR GONNA HURT SOMEONE , i reply yea you for WALKING A FUCKIN DOG ON A BIKE TRAIL, Im telling you GC i wanted to kill this guy i wanted to hurt himm so bad, im not a violent person and i dont tend to get angry but i seing red , now having a record and all i thought about how this would play out if the cops got involved and whod they belive obv a 70 year old "UPSTANDING CITIZEN" over a 20 year old punk covered in tattos so anyways gc my question to you is what would you have done.

    I should have hurt this guy bad for what he did now im looking at a new rebuild which will cost about 200 in parts not to mention labour but in the end im kinda glad i didnt because then i would have had 10 more problems comeing my way other then worry about how to get home and and how much the repairs are gonne cost. But looking on the upside NEW PARTS FOR THE BIKE:hello:
  2. call the cops on his ass and tell em that he is walking his dog where he should not be. Also take pics of damage and show em how much damage he did with his stick. you can wrap this guy up so much with all that he would just settle without court if he has a brain but of course hes and old guy and old men are so stubborn... good luck with this man
  3. I probably would have called the cops if I hadn't beat the shit out of him. He intentionally caused you injury and he was walking on a bike trail. Not a walking trail.
  4. Yeah you were totally in the right, and the old guy was a fuckin' dick. You had every right to call the cops on him. Shit like that pisses me off.
  5. I fucking hate old ass people who yell at everything
  6. i woulda just yelled at him and scared his dog and him so they never come back but i would never hurt an old person even if they are an ass
  7. theres a point when you cross the line of seniority and being a dick in this situation he went right past seniority and decided to be a dick you couldve fallen on your neck and gotten hurt imo i would've fucked the dude up old or not.
  8. Idiots come in all ages.
  9. LOL... when I'm old, I'm going to push kids off bikes too. What the fuck else am I going to do?
  10. Props for not punching a 70 year old dude, even though you should have.

    It dosen't matter how old you are, you still can't fuck around like that. You could have easily smashed your head on a rock or tree and died.
  11. Yeah, some old people are just angry all the time. I would have exploded in his face about him almost killing me on a bike trail. Then i would have thrown his dog.

    Just kidding. But i also have a temper, and i swear, if I was thrown off my bike by an old guy i would have lost it. Some people just don't know when they are crossing the line.
  12. how are you gonna bunt a dog?
  13. What the fuck man?:confused:

    He's walking his dog on a fucking bike trail and gets pissy when a bike almost clips him? And on top of that he could have killed you, sending you flying off your bike like that.

    Old or not, I would've at least thrown him to the ground and yelled in his face about it, you can't just do shit like that.
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    Old people are about to die soon, and they know it. So they have the "I just dont give a Fuck" mentality. There basically badasses stuck in an old, weak, slow body and when they get angry it looks hella corny because of it.
    lol gotta love old people though
  15. Damn man, hearing that pissed me off.
  16. Wow who ever beats up an Old man is a fucking Low life.
    Seriously..How would you feel if you beat up an old war vet,Who fought for your freedom?
    Thats disgusting.
  17. Man old people are dumb bitches.
    There was this old white lady that ran her car into the front of a store and hurt like 10 people. I think old people shuld just stay inside
  18. go whoop that old motherfuckers ass!
  19. Well, he could have been a vet. and for all i care a vet could punch me in the face and i wouldn't retaliate. the shit they have seen is beyond words. Even though all the wars they fought in where for shitty reasons, they stood up for what they thought was right, and only the up most respect should be displayed to them

    and if he wasnt a vet, go the American way,

  20. Old people just don't give a shit. They're just bitter about thier life, and they want to pass thier bitterness to other people so they will feel better about themselves. And it doesn't work for them. Unles they just like to torment people for fun..

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