Why do North Korea want nukes?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by SmokinP, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. "Americans are never (ever) supposed to think about motives.

    A never-ending carousel of bad people seek to hurt America, which is merely minding its own business, focused on defending America only, and following the U.S. Constitution to the letter.

    Why would North Korea want nuclear weapons anyway?

    You're not supposed to ask that question."

    Why Does North Korea Want Nuclear Weapons?

    In case you are too lazy to read: To protect themselves from the warmongering USA.

    We have seen what the US of War is capable of since WW2. Non stop warmongering, occupation and oppression.
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  2. Why do North Korea want nukes?

    Because you have them, not only you but Pakistan, India, Israel,sth Africa (Ssssh secret)and Russia

    and many others but just like toker's

    not everyone wants or needs a ROOR
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  3. To flex.
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  4. I guess they learned from other countries and realized it's one of the few options they have left to prolong their existence.

    Unfortunately that means total poverty, zero freedom, torture camps for anyone who dissents, all for the benefit of fat fuck in charge. They really are a ticking time bomb.
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  5. That article is retarded. It states "if the US hadn't intervened in Korea's civil war...none of this would have happened".

    This is completely false. Korea was divided after World War 2 into North and South regions, with neither government accepting the legitimacy of the other. In 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea with the backing of China and the Soviets. The Americans intervened for many reasons, but one of the most important was to secure Japan as a counterweight to the rise of communism in East Asia.

    But the point is, the cause of the invasion was aggression by communist China and Russia. The US were 100% not the aggressors in that war.

    It's the same today. North Korea does not need a nuclear weapon to protect themselves from America. The US only has a problem with them because they continue to try to develop the capacity to nuke the continental United States as well as Japan and S.Korea.

    Not sure if you're blinded by ideology or you really are that ignorant of history and geopolitics.
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  6. This is just a question -

    Anyone want to speculate on what the global consequences would be of assassinating Kim Jong? Would this be feasible even? War at this point is starting to look like a possibility. Suppose the op was successful - is there some other megalomaniac relative in line and nothing changes or is this the pin that needs to fall?

    To be honest, I don't know much about North Korea in modern times, I'm not sure many people do outside of North Korea. I'm sure my question reflects this ignorance.
  7. I knew things were bad in the US but I didn't realize it had deteriorated to that level.

    Stay strong comrade and remember there will always be shelter given here in Europe to our American comrades fleeing persecution.

    Get to Walmart and get a rubber dinghy Lenny. May the Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on your soul!
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  8. Codswallop. Ron Paul speaks the truth, he's the only American politician who can be trusted. The US had and still has no business intervening in other states and regions affairs.

    The US intervened as it always does to throw it's weight around and Pillage what it can from the native peoples.
    To this day there are 30,000+ American Jihadis in South Korea.
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  9. Another Kim would just appear, I bet they have a few on standby for such an outcome.

    NK is from all accounts a hovel and it's people living under extreme government oppression - kinda like the US but I hear that the NK cops are more chilled out and less inclined to shoot you.
  10. No more than China does? If it would stop interfering in Korean affairs N.Korea would cease to be a problem since it would cease to exist.

    Most of the world condemns these missile tests by N.Korea, it's not just America.
  11. I'd imagine they want them because they are surrounded by countries who have them.
    Id want them too if I were them.
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  12. I would be shocked if we weren't and haven't been actively trying to. He's locked away pretty tightly in nk.
  13. Yip.

    The only way to protect yourself from regimes like the USA is to get a nuke.

    How many countries with nukes have been invaded by the US? None.
  14. China shares a border with NK and I'm sure is doing all it can to avoid having the world's most tyrannical regime (US) on its border.

  15. what i find interesting is that the MSM have said fuck all about the Saudis getting nukes and tried to convince us certain countries have WMD when they don't.....yet with NK they trying to comvince us that they don't have them!!!
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  16. If you have the US in your pocket you can do as you like. The Israelis have enough nukes to glass the Middle East a dozen times over and not a word from Uncle Sam.

    You have to hand it to the Kims, they're some pups for sticking it out this long. Lil Kim has Uncle Sam by the balls. He knows the Chinese will do all they can to prevent having the US setting up shop on their border.

    We're in for some epic taunting from Lil Kim over the next few years. The possibilities are endless, someone should start a thread here to collect our ideas and send it on to the DPRK news service.
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  17. I must admit that it's not a bad thing him acquiring them...certainly adds balance.
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  18. North Korea is fucked, something is going to happen soon I can just tell we are headed that direction. The people of North Korea live shitty lives a nuke would just set them free.
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  19. wow... love the way you hate man. you should be a democrat.
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