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Why do my senses become sharper when I'm high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fugitive21712, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Whenever I get high, doesn't matter, mildly or really baked - my attention is so sharp. I've shared this with my friends whenever we smoke some and they all know what I'm talking about so I'd have to say this is more or less universal.

    Like when I'm watching a movie for example, I don't just notice the characters and what they're saying, I'm noticing everything in the background that I wouldn't usually pay too much attention to. Like I notice how "bad" some parts of films are in good movies for instance.

    Or I was listening to an audiobook last night for a full hour and my attention practically never strayed away.

    What's the "scientific" (i guess you could say) explanation ? does MJ activate your brain cells ?

    It seems almost the opposite of what is perceived. As opposed to just unwind, my mind is activated more than when I'm "sober". What gives?

    Anyone else experience the same or similar?
  2. You're just stoned...
  3. your baked dude
  4. i agree my mind seems more active when baked then not

  5. you lose focus, and your mind wanders aimlessly thinking of 1 random thing after the other. Its part of the wonder of pot and why it helps so much when trying to sleep or calm down or relax. Your mind will buffer this experience if you will which gives the sense that not much is happening. Its very scientific and i dont know the science. but no, your mind does not become sharper by smoking, if anything it slows you down a notch just because the auditory and visual stimulation imputs (eyes/ears) are being altered slightly.
  6. youre obviously a weed vampire.
  7. i disagree with you, i pay attention to little details when i high that i would look straight past.
    creative, philosophical, abstract, or deep thinking : ideas flow more easily
    increased appreciation or awareness of music; deeper connection to music; increased emotional impact of music
    increased awareness of senses (eating, drinking, smell)
    change in experience of muscle fatigue; pleasant body feel; increase in body/mind connection

    Some of the positive effect's of marijuana that you might be experiencing. It must be a sativa based strain. Sativa's tend to be very psychoactive.
  9. sure man
  10. I have faster reflexes when im high but i smoke mostly sativa/sativa dom stuff. Indica around here is hard to find in dank quality, its mostly high-mids
  11. you THINK you have faster reflexes, you do not.
  12. 1. When I smoke, I get like a tunnel vision where everything is blurred around what I'm looking at but whatever it is I'm looking at is much more clear and aesthetically pleasing.

    2. My reflexes when I'm high are the same as when I'm not, but I don't realize I reacted to something until after I do so. Like the other day in class someone through a ball at me while I was totally baked and I managed to catch it (in a somewhat impressive manner) one-handed. I didn't realize he threw the ball until a couple seconds after catching it though.
  13. That happens to everyone.

  14. yeah its one of the reasons so many people like to do housecleaning when high. makes you thorough and focused. also helps you focus on things that would bore you to tears when you're sober.
  15. Its just the change in perception from being high, you're noticing different things
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