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Why do my plants keep DYING!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Tyrell, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. i plant my seed.... it germinates..gets 2.5 -3 inches tall.. falls over and dies... any suggestions please ???
  2. gonna need a little more info than that :)
  3. ok.. im using soil... i usually place in rockwell cubes until sprouted and atleast an inch high.. then i move rockwell cube into soil... after a day or so my plant will alway fall over dry up and thats all she wrote... i only mist it and never give it to much water when its tiny.. dont know what else to do.. out of about 20 seeds i have 2 plants that made it...
  4. What kind of soil Tyrell? This can really only be one of two things - watering or soil quality.

    I would first suggest that you do not plant your seeds into rock wool cubes anymore if you are going to grow in soil. Second, I might suggest that you construct yourself or purchase a quality soil mix. Take a browse through either of these two threads -



    Another thought might be lighting. How close to what kind of light are the small plants? Could they perhaps be being burned by too strong or too close to a light?

    I will guarantee that if you sow your seeds directly into small cups, with drainage holes, of QUALITY soil and simply keep them moist; not wet, not dry, just moist, and keep them under a light, not too close, not too far (use your hand at the plant height - is it too warm?) that you will have a very high success rate.

    Also, and this doesn't exactly pertain to your question, but think about growing organically in soil - no bottled nutrients, no checking pH, no deficiencies - just simple gardening.


  5. Hows your ventilation dude, my first guess is theres not enough fresh air.
  6. What sort of light are you using? i know people hate miracle grow , but i have had some awesome grows with it. I really havnt found a soil that they wont grow in, just some soils do better, but i have never saw the soil kill the plant. I really need info on your room, lights, distance to the light, and ventilation. Between all the good people we will figure it out.
    id stear clear of the rockwell cubes , just stick in the medium after they are germinated. I use the float method and it has NEVER failed me. If they sink to the bottom they wont grow.
  7. i use a miracle grow mixed with bat guano and perlite and worm castings.. i have a 600 watt mh and a 600 watt hps.. though i dont use this on them.. i just got back from purchasing a t5 at lowes.. its a 14watt with a 4100k fluorescent 24 inches long.. right now i have all my seeds in rockwell cubes in my propagation chamber... i have them soaked with a seed starting mixture and water... soon as i see sprouts i will hit them with the t5 light.. now keep in mind this is just some regular ole pot nothing special.. all my white widow and cantaloupe kush has already died.. probably 15 seeds in all either didint germinate or got about 2 inches and died
  8. i use a 10 inch intake fan for fresh air and it has a an 8 inch exhaust fan.. this is insiide a 6.5x6.5x6.5 grow tent yes i have tons of room and no plants.. trying to perfect my technique before i expand.. i have a my first grow topic.. its call 600 watt mh/hps combo on page 2 .. check it out
  9. anyone ?
  10. start over dude. Plant in soil, not rockwool unless youre doing hydro
  11. ok well i pulled about 15 good seeds out of the rockwell < only put them in lastnight > and replanted the in red solo cups and doused them with germinating solution and put them in the germination chamber and covered them up with a towel.. hopefully ill yield better results and that way when my kush seeds get here ill know what im doing and i can quit planting this ditch weed/james brown seeds i found
  12. I second the soil recommendation. I would also ditch the germinating solution and soak your seeds in pure water for a little less than a day... maybe 12-24 hours. After soaking, place those seeds in between 2-4 layers of damp paper towel or unbleached coffee filters on top of a easily draining surface (I use an egg slicer and place that inside a plastic ziploc bag with air in it, then inside a couple paper bags to block light). Putting this bag in your grow tent will keep the temp nice and warm... 85-90 degrees will really help germination. After a 2-3 days you'll probably notice your seeds have sprouted a long root with some healthy looking delicate hairs. Carefully placing these in the soil and starting your grow that way might just make a big difference in health and speed of your young plants. Also another thing to think about... the longer dark hours your plant has, the faster the root system will grow.
  13. well the solution was only 2 teaspoons per gallon of water so i don't guess it will really hurt anything will it ?..
  14. here is the new setup i have done... this look ok ?

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  15. Its the soil, i just had 2 get about an inch tall and die. Totally changed the soil and now have some doing very very well, only thing i changed was gettih rid of the MG soil.
  16. germination solution(IBA or IAA I think) works (a small amount but it DOES work) but there are no long term studies done on later developement or side affects. Either way, id avoid the extrea expense and possibile side effects down the road. Would you add a chemical to your fetal child? ;)

    also, do those solo cups have drainage?

  17. I gave you a very concise answer. Read above.



  18. Read jerry's post on the first page.

    Build a good organic soil. Ditch the rockwool- this isn't hydro. Quit messing with "germinating solution" and all that. Put seeds in good soil then leave them alone. If you really want to do something you can soak them in water for 12 hours and then put the seed in the soil. Don't try to "germinate" the seed (in a paper towel or a glass of water) before you put it in the soil- germination happens much better in soil than in a paper towel or glass of water.

    Is the bottom of the seedling stem shriveling up and then flopping over? It could be damping off, but you're already doing a bunch of things that are not conducive to healthy seedlings, so fix those first.
  19. Plant in a good soil mix as everyone has stated above. I use roots organics formula 707, it feeds the plant for a month without needing ANY nutrients. KEEP IT SIMPLE!

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