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Why do my friends act psychotic when high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Disagreeable, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Me and my friends have been smoking weed for about a year except for one of my fri new who has smoked since she was like 6 (her mom is a hella good vibes hippy). And something I noticed that happens every time is that most of them act totally crazy when high, like they're having a psychotic episode, hallucination, freak outs, the whole deal. The weed isn't laced cause I trust my dealer and I don't act that way. I act totally chill (like weed should make you act) but I have to spend the whole high worrying about them and making sure they don't get killed, and I have bad axiety that flares up when I have to Shepard them all. So basicaly I want to have fun smoking with them but idk what's going on.

  2. "Smoked since she was 6" okay then billy :lmafoe:
  3. Find new friends. Yours sound like children. It's just weed, not tabs or shrooms. You should be able to live your life like normal on weed. They're acting because in their mind their doing a drug and that's funny and special and it means they have to shift their personality into that of a retarded kid to entertain each other and themselves.

    I've had friends like that. I left them behind years and years ago.

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  4. Im with designated rose on this they sound like children. You should chill when you smoke.
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  5. It's very rare that I've come across people who genuinely act in those types of ways after they smoke because of the effects. There are some that 'play it up' when they're high, and it's usually painfully obvious and super cringe, what's sad and worse is when there's others with you who actually buy into it. It sounds like the latter to me in your case, and I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to continue to put up with that. There is absolutely no reason you guys couldn't just be chilling and enjoying your high instead.

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  6. My cronies and I call people like that a bust. It's because they will act like fucktards and get you all busted. Time for new stoners to hang out with. Just stop chillin with them when they are high and go find something else to do when they go smoke out.

    You try talking to them about their sloppy behavior. Immaturity like that leads to people taking notice of you and the ganja you're smoking. And THAT will lead to the hammer coming down upon your heads....
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  7. Studies show that.....

    You likely will not read any studies. Nevermind.
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  8. Sounds like a personality disorder. It is likely that the weed has little to do with their behavior other than giving them a reason to justify the situation. Could be that they want attention, the need to fit in, or a number of issues. Weed doesnt make you freak out though, so any "symptoms" are likely psychosomatic at best.
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    When I was younger my now ex smoked some weed and acted totally crazy the next day I was single weeds for chillin my friend not trippin.
  10. I like that. My friends and I just call those people annoying.
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  11. Free life advice:

    Control the controllables. Accept what you can't control.

    Find new friends to smoke with. If it was one I would say then try to help them or help them find a new hobby but you are the company you keep. Believe that. If all of your regular smoking buddies are like that then just cut bait and get some more sophisticated smoking buddies. Hang out with your crazy immature friends when they aren't high. If you can't enjoy their company sober then you are wasting your time and their time as well.
  12. They're trying to be cool, and they're not. That is all
  13. because raging hormones and adolescence makes for crazy times.
  14. I would like to quote you, if I may:
    “I was single a seeds for chillin my friend not tripping”
  15. Wow thanks for catching that my phone is acting weird.

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