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Why do my eyes get red when high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by White Smoke, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. I've always wondered this.
    thanks :smoke:
  2. cause when your high more blood goes through your body and exspecialy in your brain and eyes so all your veins get thicker
  3. either what he said ^^
    or, you get a hell of a lot of smoke in your eyes while you smoke...
    it's usually the mixture of the both. eye drops ftw:hello:
  4. Yup, basically.
    It's because THC speeds up your heart which in turn pumps more blood through your body faster. Atleast that's how I understand it.
  5. i heard if you drink water before smoking, your eyes dont get as red
  6. It's because when your high your heart rate goes up and your blood vessels dilate, which you can see in your eyes since they are white. And yes staying well hydrated(with water) during and after smoking can keep away cottonmouth and helps a lot with red eyes.
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  7. THC is a vasodialotor. That means it makes blood vessels expand slightly. It's got nothing to do with any increased heart rate; my eyes get red and my resting heart rate is around 60 whether I'm smoking or not.

    This is also why it's not harmful to the heart. Tobacco is a vasoconstrictor; it causes blood vessels to contract and eventually that leads to heart damage. Cannabis is virtually the opposite of that.
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  8. ^ I stand corrected ^
  9. I was just mentioning that increased heart rate is USUALLY another side effect caused by the THC. I know one doesn't cause the other, but red eyes and a racing heart are dead giveaways. Anyway I stand by my statement about why some peoples eyes get red. And some people may always feel like there gonna have a heart attack but eyes don't get red.
    Also if you have any underlying heart conditions then weed can sometimes make it worse.
  10. I didn't know that drinking water could help with red eyes. Thanks for the advice!
  11. I don't buy that keeping hydrated reduces red eyes. I get the worst red eyes among all my friends and I drink 2 liters of water a day.
  12. It won't help. It's caused by a combination of things. First, as I stated previously your blood vessels expand a little. Second, THC affects the area of the brain that governs tear and saliva production...hence red eyes and cottonmouth.
  13. Well for ME water helps. Some people are gonna have red eyes no matter what. But staying hydrated is still key when smoking, some people freak out when they get dehydrated
  14. Staying hydrated is key to healthy living, period :)
  15. its the government man...theyre makin your eyes red when you smoke:eek:
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  16. Woh its all fuzzy in here???
  17. You know i don't think i ever disagreed with anything OSG has ever said...:smoke:

  18. If this was the case, wouldn't your eyes get red from exersizing?
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  19. your eyes turn red because cannabis is the devil

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  20. indeed it is the governments fault. They completely control the distribution of mj throughout the country. They lace it with a specific chemical to make your eyes red, and creates a very distinct smell when smoked. They do this so that they can detect when an individual has been using and they can fine/arrest said people. This is done to create revenue for the government via fines and fees taken from the offender.

    aka, im high, and totally jk.

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