Why do my clones fail

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by narcoticrex, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. I soak rockwool in PH adjusted water, and have a good strong mother. I have followed all the advice I read and saw on youtube about cloning - after cutting and dipping them in rooting hormone, and pushing them into the rockwool, I put them into 20 oz soda bottles i have converted into humidity domes and put them in the veg room. They never fucking root. They just go droopy and then never come back. I have watered, not watered, left the dome off for up to 20 mins a day (or for only 20 seconds), and tried all sorts of crazy shit, but I cant get clones to root, and it is really starting to fucking piss me off.

    This time I also put some cuttings into a glass of water, and some other techniques, just to see what happens.

    I read all about these people who just chop off the top of the plant and stick it in a peat pot, and 3 days later they have roots. WTF. What am I missing?
  2. 1. Take cuttings from the bottom of the plant has more hormones are easier to root.
    2. cut 45 on stem gives more surface area.
    3. cut the very bottom of stem like in half about an inch.
    4. dip rooting hormones preferable gel get more even root dispursion.
    5. cut all the leaves in half this helps with leaves losing water.
    6. put in a jiffy pellet press the top so it is in securely
    7. you want it in a high humidity for first few days like 80% helps them survive
    8. patience

    Good luck. I have only had one survive out of 3 attempts. However I didn't have the info that you have now when I tried the first two. Marijuana Horticulture by Jorge Cervantes Barnes and Nobles for 24.95.
  3. i had 7 of 5 clones make it my first attempt. cut em at 45 sliced them in half put in rooting harmone and i used perlite as my medium. no dome nothing..just sat on my window sile..i checked one clone after a week and saw nothing"wtf.."came back to check 4 days later..went to pull it out and i felt the roots holden it in"sogoood" haha There doing fine right now 2 weeks into soil now..GL
  4. yeah the humidity is the main thing. also heat, make sure it is warm enuf in ur clone area, when its cold i use a heat mat and thermometer. to regulate the temp at root level on the clones. they grow well around 70-80 degrees
  5. use isopropyl alcohol to sterilize your scissors or whatever your using to make your cuts. Cut the leaf tips on your future clone 2 or 3 days before you take the cutting this way there will be less shock & less stress when you try and root. Also, after you make the cut try not to have the freshly cut end exposed to the air for more than a couple of seconds other wise an air bubble could get trapped in the stem causing your cuttings to not be able to take up water and nutrients. Some growers make their final cut underwater so as to avoid this problem. I hope this was of some help. GoodLuck

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