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Why do my buds look so sad? =( (Pics!)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Snyder24, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Seriously, I see all these fuzzy, trichome rich buds other people are growing, and then I look at mine - and I get sad. =(

    They were rated at 16.8% THC, is that high or low?


  2. ew that looks gross =/
  3. Yeah it does. It smokes great, but it makes me depressed to look at. Guess I have to light it up!

  4. Calling bullshit on that. Maybe if those buds were grown in a perfect situation.
  5. They actually don't look bad, you can see its blurry in the front, but when you look at the nugs to the upper right its more focused, theres definitely trichromes all over.

    17% is pretty high, I believe 20% and higher is considered the dankest of the dank. Take some better macro pictures, take the pics from a little further back and let them focus.
  6. No matter how sad they look, they will always make you happy.
  7. Yeah I used my Iphone, and poor lighting. I'll try to get a better focussed pic.
  8. uhh..17% huh?

    i give them 5% THC count.
  9. gtfo

    OP do not listen to this punk, those buds look tasty and i'm sure they smoke great. It's all about practice you can only get better the more you practice. Nothing really wrong with those nugs at all i'd be happy to take them off your hands free of charge
  10. Haha yeah they're good, I also got some hash tested at 55.13% by Halient Labs =). Yummy!
  11. load a bowl then look again, then see if your sad.
  12. I call bullshit on the THC count no offence but it doesn't matter how it looks it matters how blown it gets you.
  13. It's weed? How can THAT make you depressed?

  14. I'm sure they smoke great too, as for tasty who knows I'd need samples sent to my labratory (my lungs) to tell ya that one =P

    16.8% thc tho callin bs as well what did u do send it to a lab? Or are you in a medical state lol or are your friends street chemists now with GC/MS equiptment lol
  15. the color leads me to believe it was grown outdoor...

    Edit: could just be the lighting tho...

  16. Yeah ok. Anything with orange hairs that I can noticeably see, in addition to what looks like trichomes, is at least 10%
  17. It's just the color that makes it look bad. Covered in hairs and trichome-rich (as far as I can see.)...(also a reason why the THC percentage is plausible.)
  18. guys, this isnt a "lets argue the % of cannabinoids in my bud" thread

    just incase you missed that
  19. i think its 304384319100101% THC
  20. Well he said he takes his stuff to a lab, so It's not even worth debating, lol.

    But yeah, your bud just has a brownish color to it, which is a majorrrrr turnoff to us pot smokin' folk.

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