Why do most prefer Scrog over SoG?

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  1. Ok, im trying to get all the info i need to get on a SoG - But most if not all the articles are on Scrog - What are the pro's cons?

    Im trying to make a continual Harvest, And SOG seemed like that was what i wanted..

    SoG = Take a Good rooted clone, and place them into Flower 12/12 Right away? ( Does it matter how tall it is? )

    Scrog = With be in Vegging stage for a short period, then thrown into Flower?

    So my Question is What is better for a perpetual Grow ? Looking to do about say 15 Plants per harvest, every 2 weeks.
  2. SOG is best for continual harvest, assuming you have the right set up ( a few mothers to cut clones from, and a flowring room to cycle plants through)

    read this thread for awsome info on perpetual harvest:

    the above link will tell you all this, but for a quick answer. YES (heh) *note* the bigger the clone the better for SOG, 9" ~ish clone works best

    ahh, maybe not so short. but yes, this is the general idea. you veg untill your screen is filled, then flower

    SOG for sure. see the above thread ;)

    but again, you gotta look at your resources (15 plants every two weeks is going to need 2000W-2400W light system with around 140 plants "growing" at any given time)

    so with those numbers a lot of people start to worry about legal issues... my state has a 24 plant "limit" (i think) before you start to get analy raped..
  3. (See Below for long-explanation)
    SoG - Sea of Green:

    Produces better quality bud, faster.
    Doesn't produce 'hay' at the bottom of plants; all is top-quality.
    One plant dies...eh, so what?

    Need many plants.
    Costs much more in medium/nutrient/water supplies.
    Hard to handle/purchase this many plants/clones/seeds.
    More light is also highly recommended for this type of growing, to support the amount of nutrient being taken by the plants.

    Scrog - Screen of Green:

    Allows for less light needed.
    Allows for fewer plants necessary.
    Added benefit of massive colas.
    Usually produces very little hay, which can be trimmed off during 4th or 5th week.

    Longer Vegetating time
    Longer Finishing time.
    One plant dies, there goes 1/10th of your harvest.
    Needs more constant training while vegetating.

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this in any of the aforementioned articles, but a big difference is the time it takes to vegetate. We're talking like 2 and three week differences, depending on strains.

    If you're running few (>15) plants in a small space (4Kw or less), Scrog is the way to go. You take your few plants, spread them out, and vegetate them with very large root bases (rock-wool doesn't seem to work well for these, in my experience). Bubble-buckets work best for this method, in my opinion. As the plants grow, they grow up to screen or cross-wiring at a height in the room beneath the lights. You allow this screen to turn to a canopy of nothing but cola-sights, cut off everything below the main canopy, and flower. This presents two major downsides: Vegging a sativa plant very large takes a two weeks, four if it's an indica strain. You cut this time down by using more plants. More root-bases = faster/more efficient growth-per-flower. It also means that these large plants will take longer to finish into good top-quality flowers, as there are fewer roots-per-flower on the plant, it can only uptake so much nutrient for it at a time. However, these plants typically produce thicker colas.

    If you're the type that doesn't mind having a large amount of plants, or you've got a large room (over 4Kw), SOG is the way to go. SoG is basically rooting many many plants, nearly filling trays/rooms with plants, and only growing a single stalk per plant, forcing the plants as close together as possible to have as many plants in the space as possible. This results in better buds (more roots per-bud), and faster finishing times (smaller plants finish faster than larger ones). However it drinks a lot more water than you'd think with all those tiny plants, which means more nutrients. It also means more expense in supplies (rockwool/soil, nutes, etc). And it can be difficult to handle a lot of plants (You could fit over 300 in a single bedroom if you wanted to).
  4. they are not tha same at all...sea of green is many plants short grow cycles, continuous harvests

    scrog is filling the screen about 2/3rds full vegging and then flowering teh rest out...scrog is an advanced growing method, very hard for new growers
  5. SOG definitely for perpetual harvest.

    SCROG is basically a training method, it has much more in common with LST than with SOG.

    With SOG you are trying to maximize the yield from the size of your grow space in the shortest amount of time. With SCROG you are trying to maximize the yield from each plant, and you are stretching your timeframe.

    SOG requires either cloning or a whole lot of seeds, which many growers don't want to mess with or pay for.
  6. i dunno why. i love cloning.. hate seeds..

    clones though, your definatly not experiencing the full grow acene if your not cloning IMO
  7. Scrog is more fun ;), less plants to take care of.. I do a semi scrog, I tie most shoots down to keep and even canopy and go from there

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