Why do men/women cheat?

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  1. Just out of curiosity... why do people cheat? It feels like a lot of people talk about cheating way more now than ever before. I wonder why it is that people do...?
  2. Sadly enough variety is the essence of life. Especially american's, cheating is no longer a rarity. T.V. glorifies it. Think about it, you have your cake and eat it too you have that raw sex that you use to have but you also have that wife that you come home too and just want to talk too and see. Its easy to content but restless and want to taste something new. I am married and not going to life I crave feeling another woman from the inside. her taste.

    let me give you another example. TO try and not be as graphic but...Think about the first few times a guy is inside you and that rush, Now imagine never feeling that rush again.
  3. I personally believe there is no one reason people cheat.

    For example, I have a very good friend (male) whose father cheated on his mother repeatedly while he was growing up, ultimately ending in a divorce. My friend and I have talked and he fundamentally does not know (this is in his words) what love is supposed to look or feel like, and so he does not know what to look for. Thus, he now cheats on every girl he's with, because the second he has a doubt he thinks "Maybe this just isn't what love is like..."

    This is also in keeping with a mountain of evidence that we all subconsciously attempt to replicate the relationship we see between our parents, his father cheated rampantly, and so he copies.

    Of course, he's likely not the "average" cheater.

    I believe some people cheat when they're young for the same reason that they eat too much, stay up too late, and drink too much/get drunk too often. Like the other behaviors, they think more is always better, and like the other behaviors they grow out of it with time. When you're 14-20, you're still learning about feelings and emotions that you've only felt a (relatively) short while - there are going to be mistakes.

    As for people who cheat after 20, I believe there are still many reasons. Some just want out of their present relationship but don't have the wherewithal to do what needs to be done. Some are just board and have self-destructive personalities. Still others are responding to bad information that inadvertently incentivizes cheating.

    They come to believe, for whatever reason, and however briefly, that all of their life's problems will simply go away if they can just be with someone else intimately.

    Except this isn't true for anything - no one experience can ever solve all of life's problems, and so the information they are feeding themselves is bad. But just like anyone who's ever run from their troubles - the chance of a quick fix is sometimes too much to pass up.
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    It's out of fear.

    A fear of lack, a fear of boredom.

    While if you put 100% of yourself into someone, it can be so worth it. You reap what you sow.

    People need to let go of the rope, and get thrown into the sea.
    Don't try desperately to climb your ass up again when shit gets stormy.

    It's life ffs, the grass is Not greener on the other side.

    And we all know that its rare if not impossible to have your cake, and eat it too.

    Just be fucking satisfied with what the fuck u have.

    It's not there for nothing, it's not there to be thrown out and replaced by something new all the time like a product.

    Look here: U buy a new pair of jeans, you love the hell out of it.
    You wear it everyday, and one day it gets boring and u buy a new pair of jeans.

    Its an endless cicle and it hurts the hell out of me to see people being so stupid to not just be a Shop-a-holic which can NOT be satisfying in the long run, but also be so impatient they hurt people by cheating, Thinking they will get to a point where they want to be, which is the point of 100% satisfaction as much as possible.

    While the bitter truth is that you will not find it that way.

    Shit, Ya'll know..

    This is my opinion.
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    Temptation, desire, perhaps a need to satisfy ones self.

    Temptation, well basically people want what they can't have. This is why for guys when you have girlfriend you find you get hit on more. Girls want you they just can't have you, doesn't mean they wouldn't take you of course ;). Desire comes in here cause people want attention and want to surround themselves with people that make them feel good. SO when a guy meets a girl and the girl is all flirty and cute and gives the guy hella compliments, even laughs at his stupid jokes, he wants her just based off that and hopefully cause she's hot. Looks in this case are sometimes secondary, I know I've cheated on one of my ex's with a less pretty girl just cause I knew I could and she cheated on me first soooo...yeah. This "method" of cheating is more favorable to guys that cheat on their gf.

    My third reason, a need to satisfy ones self, people cheat for this reason when they can't feel satisfied from their significant other, whether that be sexually or emotionally. When one person in the relationship begins to feel this way they reach out to others to saitsfy that need/want. Basically this says a person is inconsiderate of other people's feelings. a bitch if you will. I would say this is the biggest factor for girls that commit such a vile act. <<< hint of sarcasim there....
  6. I find this thread interesting.

    I recently just got my first gf in about 6 yrs or so, im 19 yrs old.

    She lives about 2hrs away and I go to visit her about 3-5 times every two months. We've been going out for about 2 months.

    I just met this other girl that goes to my college that lives within 7min of my house (i live on my own).

    She is very hot about a 9-10/10 and she is clean and outgoing.

    As a 19 yr old virgin, I find myself looking to lose my virginity more and more each day.

    Of course, I haven't found the right person until now, my present gf. I am connected with her, but I feel if I were given the chance to fuck this new girl (or anyone who is clean and respectable) I would.

    I don't go for sluts and am a virgin partially due to the fact that I want to lose it to a nice girl with values, which both these girls have.

    So now Im talking to both girls at once. I have not done anything with this new girl except talk on the phone a couple of times, but she is always complimenting me and calling me, so im pretty sure I'm in I just have to persue it a little more.

    I feel as if I'm young and I should live life to the fullest even if this means cheating only at this period in my life. I can honestly say I will not cheat when I get married. I think this is why I am willing to get with as many girls as I can right now. Having sex is something that will be new to me and I want to reap as much benefit as I can while i am young and able.

    I feel like I have been given an opportunity and all I have to do is keep the momentum rolling. I've just gotten back into the dating game so you can say I'm a little intimidated right now.

    Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :smoke:
  7. Men get bored with the same sex over and over.. we need some new pussy every once inna while.. if ya females good in bed, this might not be a problem.....for a little while atleast.

    If you cant make ya female orgasm she WILL cheat on you :laughing: well if shes a sexuall person, and sex is important to her in the relationship.. simple as that..

    If you got a sexy female and you aint providing in the sack.. shes more than likely fuckin some other niggga
  8. It's just how the human species perpetuates itself. instinct.
  9. Cheaters are polyamorous and in denial. I suspect if society was more open to alternative lifestyles, cheating would decline.
  10. Yeah that could be the main reason why girls cheat.
    Either that, or they have some kind of psychological issue.

    Men are just men.

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