Why do I twitch when I'm high?

Discussion in 'General' started by CharlieWaffle, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Like I'll be just relaxing and then I get these uncontrollable body twitches all over. Why? How do I stop them? Are they even common?
  2. Can you describe them? Like, are they persistent twitches in multiple areas? Occasional ones in random parts of the body? Because I think I may have had something similar in the past
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    Could be essential tremor. I've got it and I get the same thing, though it usually subsides when my stone sets in. I know a lot of people that get the same thing.

    edit: then again I still think this tremor thing is bs and it mostly has to do with anxiety
  4. i used to, got over it. dunno why.
  5. I use to twitch when I got super high... you just need to relax more and make sure your smoking with people your comfortable around. It does go away eventually :) Your body needs to get use to being superman high!
  6. Yeah they're persistent. Sometimes I don't even realise I do it then look down at my legs and they're beating the shit out of eachother. It's annoying man!
  7. I do it too, I kind of like it.

    If you don't freak out about it, it feels awesome.
  8. Ok that's much more extreme than what used to happen to me. If you're outright shaking like that you should consider smoking less lol
  9. Gross, I used to hate it. Just imagining the muscles in there pulsating and involuntarily moving at such a rapid rate... eurgh. Not pleasant especially when high
  10. I get them when I get really high.

    It reminds me of a myoclonic jerk.
  11. Smoking lowers your blood pressure and forces more blood through your veins. If you have high blood pressure or don't exercise on a normal basis, your muscles won't be used to the influx of blood and they'll naturally start twitching.

    It's not dangerous, so don't worry about it, but it may indicate that you normally have high blood pressure. Staying hydrated should help, and if you smoke cigarettes, I bet the twitching subsides after a boge (nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, opposite of cannabis)
  12. So... exercise and cigarettes? Sounds contradictory lol.

    I know what you mean though. Regular exercise really helps in long-term improvement with many muscular issues. I've never smoked cigs so I can't speak for its effects but I imagine they're more temporary than long-term
  13. I swim once a week so that's exercise? And walk a shit ton. But yeah, after smoking a cigerette it kind of seems to calm the twitching down. I have very good blood pressure also.
  14. Really? So does that mean you vomit when you shit or think of your food digesting?
  15. Would eating have any factor in this? Say if I was hungry, would I be more prone to muscle twitches?
  16. LOL no. I just have a more obsessive focus on muscles, the idea weirds me out more than the digestive system. Idk, maybe it's because I get how the digestive system works. The muscular part of our system is such a weird mystery to me

  17. Well, it's more like LACK of exercise and cigarettes.. the idea is, if you don't exercise, then your muscles are used to constricted veins. When you expand the veins, your muscles may start twitching, so smoking a cigarette will constrict them again back to their regular size.

    Maybe because your stomach isn't using any blood to digest, more blood is available to flow to your legs, causing more twitching. Although I can't imagine this making any noticeable difference.
  18. I find myself twitching sometimes when I'm in my bed about to sleep. But that's whether I am high or sober.

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