Why do I think of such horrible things??

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by jimboob, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Throughout my whole life I've wrestled with depression. Some points I feel I was depressed but had my head above the water, other times not so much

    Just now I was laying in bed, trying to go to sleep and just letting my thoughts drift. Somehow my mind made up a scenario about my little brother dying. The whole hospital scene, funeral and life afterwords was played out in my head. I was bawling the whole time.

    Now obviously I love and care bout my bro, but I do show it. We're best friends and it's not like I have anything to feel guilty for. I just whip up horrible events in my mind and roll around in the feeling.

    Is my life so dull that I have to do this? These thoughts have randomly popped into my head throughout my whole life...only now have I realized there's something very fucking wrong with that.
  2. I posted this post in another thread, but fcuk it... it's applicable and is fit for this thread as well.

    If you can master this, "Not to laugh at human actions, not to weep at them, nor to hate them, but to understand them." I promise you, you will posses a priceless and unprecedented calm - enlightenment. Understanding will fill the void of mundane and futile emotions (hate,sadness, depression), trust me. All you can control on this earth, 100%, are your thoughts - so, just learn to understand, and not react.

    You don't find peace, you maintain it!
  3. it happens man. our culture/world is fucked up.

    i recomend you get out and spend some time in nature, spend a night watchin the stars with your bro. you cant take anything for granted.
  4. Agree with this 100%. Human emotions will come regardless. You can bottle them up, ignore them, or act on them, but that won't get you far. The only true way to deal with emotions is to feel them, and understand them. This way you can decide whether to act on them, or ignore them.
  5. Word, that was helpful, thanks

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