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Why do I still cough?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cjk086, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. eyy fello blades,

    Ive beeen tokin' for about a year now, but even now when I take a normal size hits I cough up a lung. I was under the impression after a little bit the coughing goes away.

    anyone else have this problem? :eek:
  2. I do when my allergies are out of control.
  3. ive been smoking for 15 years and still cough. it doesnt go away man. you are inhaling smoke into your lungs bro
  4. THC irritates your lungs and helps clear out your passage ways. It will never go away, its a side effect of smoking marijuana.

    Invest in a vape or bake with the marijuana to help reduce your coughing.

  5. ironically i cough more with my vape, mostly because i can get bigger rips off my vape. i take smaller hits on my bong to avoid coughing and then once i got a vape i starting ripping it too hard and i cough so much, but i still get super fucking high so its cool :hello:
  6. Everyone coughs. I don't care what anyone says. If someone says they don't cough, I'd say they're lying
  7. Ironically I don't cough much, maybe every few days or weeks. You don't have to hit it like in a movie, a nice soft pull might not look cool but it's better then wasting smoke coughing your ass off.
  8. Drink water while you toke, helps with the dry throat and such
  9. I usually cough more if im smoking a blunt I find them harsher than say a bong or pipe.
  10. Everyone coughs, we just live with it.
  11. If you ain't choking you ain't smoking.
  12. Man it's not a good hoot if you don't cough. Seriously I only get high when it makes me cough hard these days.
  13. I've got a DVB vape yeah i certainly cough everytime i rip it, i find it sneaks up on me and makes me cough more than i do when ripping a bong, but then again i normally pull it through my bong:D
  14. thats actually completely opposite of what i was about to say, ill cough like im dieing off my glass piece but when i roll a blunt i can take hits as big as i please. i guess it just depends on the person cuz i know people who tell me they dont cough, and ive called bs an they showed me they can cash any bowl and not cough haha crazy shit, im like i dont wanna smoke my weed with u anymore hahah with there big azz hits...
  15. contrary to popular belief, coughing is good for you. it clears the debris stuck in your lungs.
  16. it could just be the shit ur smoking on nothing to do with the body
  17. Everybody coughs. I saw on here that someone said that they smoked with the guy from super high me and he coughs up a storm.
  18. Everyone coughs, it just differs from person to person. I hardly cough from bong hits, but a nice blunt will send me on a coughing fit after a few good hits.
  19. i dont mind a good cough. i dont care for choking due to harsh ass buds or gassy oils though, that aint cool.
  20. I smoked fake back all day every day when I lived on the beach, after about a month I stopped coughing, but I ended up with pneumonia and hacking up black stuff on my mucus. Try explaining that to the doc. ;)

    Some good weed will always make you cough if you take a big hit. Also, once you cough, you're probably going to keep coughing every hit you take.

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