Why do I see the number 11 everywhere?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by BLVCK ANGEL, May 7, 2011.

  1. Ok, so anytime I go to my kitchen, I look at the stove or pretty much any clock and see 11:11 or 1:11, And Yesterday I paused the DVD player randomly to see who was at the door, And I comeback to see 11:11 that's how far I was into the movie. All this sh*t is random to,What the hell is going on?:eek:
  2. There is only one. 1111111111

    They, however, think there is two. 222222222

    two becomes one


  3. What where yesterday's lottery numbers?
  4. i se 11:11 everywhere too, except 11:11 has a secret meaning for me i'd like to forget which can't, because i see 11:11 all the time.

    i hate it. it's a terrible vicious cycle.
  5. You're supposed to make a wish not contemplate about it.
  6. If I had known I wouldn't of made a thread:)
  7. Lol did anyone catch what I did with my last post?
  8. Haha yeah 4:11:D

  9. Oh we must be in different time zones lol

    It was 11:11 on the US east coast
  10. It was 10:11 for me.

    OP, you're seeing 11's everywhere because you are looking for it.
  11. Me personally "I'm" not trying to, but something in me must be.

    It's all just random, Not saying I see 11's everytime but a 1:2 ratio at least.
  12. Posted for the umteenth time.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNOQUPmgbnY]YouTube - Pi - Patterns[/ame]
  13. I mean there sure are a lot of 11's out there...
  14. It sounds like to me you are taking the first steps in taking notice into the communication between the unseen levels and your physical reality.

    It's called synchronizations, Carl Jung did some extensive research on it. 1's usually relate with a specific message. Whatever you were thinking the moment of seeing 111 probably has some significance in relation to guidance.
  15. At the moment, I have 1011 likes.
  16. 11. double number of the first number. plus 10, the basis of our number system. 21. 21 is a huge number. I know that much.

    duality to unity, in part :)
  17. you can make it whatever you want, man.

    it could be the universe pointing out something to you.

    don't know why. i didn't know the universe spoke human. lol.

    or it could just be your brain picking up what your thinking about.

    when you wake up tomorrow, think about a color and a different number. i'm sure you'll see that color and that number all day in the places you'd least expect.

    it's all in your head.
  18. one word...


    i think the universe is just weird like that. sometimes you roll the dice and get 1+2 10 times in a row. patterns arise out of the random. that's the nature of quantum mechanics. i like to think it's the universe's way of trying to get your attention myself, like when for some reason you think of a song you haven't heard for years and then later that day all of a sudden it's in a commercial. i think that happens to everyone, but most people just tune it out.

  19. With no extensive research or anything of the like, this is what I've concluded in my daily life.

    Every SINGLE time this happens, it's like my higher self guiding me along. Questions, problems, and subsequent perfect answers arise when the numbers and feelings pop up.

    Just go with the flow, don't let it bother you.. It can't be a terrible thing, I used to get freaked out when it happened but i've come to accept it as natures way.

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