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Why do I look like such a smoker

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pakit, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Sorry guys if this is dumb. I'm so high I don't know what. This is probably my 15 time smoking.

    I realized that my ears get really red and hot. So does my face. My eyes get blood shot and droopy. Will I always have these stoner traits when high? Or will they go away as I smoke more. Like if my roomrate found me he'd be like wtf dude your so high in like 5 seconds...

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  2. lrn2handle your shit
  3. Well I was like that when I started smoking. Now I don't get those "traits" because I know how to control myself whilst baked. Damn I'm high
  4. I can control myself High. I think?? But these traits make me lose my control because I know how dumb I look.

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  5. get some drops dude,
    preferably rhotos.
    theyre a good investment, like $6 and you dont look high.
    and to prevent droopiness i've found that getting better sleep does the trick for me, but its different for everyone.

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  6. I still look like a moron when I'm stoned. I know that I'm not one, but the bloodshot eyes, blown pupils, and droopy eyelids fool tons of people. Just forget about what others think, enjoy your damn high, and be happy.
  7. i literally lol'd :hello:
  8. Sorry, im not trying to be a dick, but learn to handle your shit dudee. I hate it when people cant just chill out. But, i would get eye drops preferrably the green rhotos. Also, you will be able to handle your shit as you smoke more... My eyes get really really red when im high so i have to use eye drops...
  9. there's really nothing you can do, other than getting drops. Rhoto's are like the nike of eyedrops, no better yet the apple of eyedrops, but i find that they actually suck so much dick - making my eyes redder on some occasions (not because i put too much in, i'm not a dumbass), and burn like a bitch. I prefer Clear Eyes the most, cause you can't feel shit

    and all you people talking about handling your shit? what the hell, you can't just handle the fact that your face just looks fucked up sometimes?
  10. What kind of weed have you been smoking, if I might ask? Basically just try your best to be chill. Eye drops should solve the droopy/red eye problem, but if you don't chill, its still going to be obvious that youre high.

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  11. Why er body talking about him not handling his high?He's talking bout how he looks stoned whenever he smokes n all dat shit happens to him.Ive been smoking for 4 years and people can always tell dat ive smoked.Its normal and effects people differently just keep cool n get yo self some eye drops.

    sorry if that made no sense im pretty stoned:smoke
  12. I have been smoking real silver haze. Got it from my grower friend. Its really good and smooth going down and tastes good. I do try to chill and I do chill its just that if I go out high, people are like why are your ears and face so red? Do you have a fever? I do put in eye drops so the red eyes aren't a problem.

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