why do i keep getting pm?

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  1. i have a perpetual grow going and i keep getting powdery mildew... ever since i had a white widow plant flower and it seemed to spread to everything which was a few months ago... i have sprayed everything with the "green cure" during veg and all the flowering plants a few times. the temps are around 75-80F and according to my thermometer the humidity stays between 30 and 40% the ventilation of exchanging fresh air is up to par as far as i know, same as it has been in my recent grows w/o pm..

    no matter what i do it keeps coming back. i didnt have much air moving everything around in the tent(just a large fan blowing heat off of the light, so i threw an oscillating fan in there to blow air around the lower parts of the plants. will this help? i do not like spraying them with chemicals during flowering because it fries the pistils, makes it look like trash, and leaves a residue.

    i have 6 plants mid flower but the one i noticed it on today is 5 weeks in, on a 7 week strain. do i have any options besides a sulfer burner? should i foliar spray with high ph water ~8.0 and use a dehumidifier to finish it out?
  2. and if i continuously spray with high ph water will that eventually get rid of the pm for good? it seems as if the conditions are good and shouldnt be getting pm but just when i think its gone it comes back.
  3. no spraying will "get rid" of PM....only and i mean only a systemic cure will kill PM..once you have it..sulphur,sprays,and baking soda wipe downs,all that ONLY cures the visual symptoms(the white coating of leaves)...but the plant still carries the fungus within!!!!...i use Eagle 20ew...as a preplant dip for my clones and never see..its like a flu-shot if you will for plants aginst all fungi....now it can be applied as a spray PROVIDING YOU HAVE AT LEAST 40 DAYS LEFT IN YOUR GROW!!!! the eagle20 needs that to work itself through and out the plant...but thats why it as you say "keeps comming back"...Bro, it never was gone....simply hiding behind the "cures" you gave it!!!! remember! info is only as good as the source....good luck...and if its too late...dont smoke or sell that diseased plant...its always...and i mean always eaiser to prevent then cure...

    P.S...the spores all all over your growing area..a bleach wipedown is mandatory and all fans gotta be replaced....spores are all on the blades and within the units
  4. ^spot on like always Budd. Cure the problem, then prevent. Lots of people use sulfur burners to keep the PM at bay.
  5. thanks...and at bay yes definitly...but to cure...nope...lol..thanks again todderfan...hows things going on your side of town...
  6. ^ exactly. A sulfur burner will not cure powdery mildew. It is a preventative measure.

    I am doing pretty good Budd. Just got done harvesting 6 plants over the last 2 weeks. So no complaints here. How goes things for you.
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    right on buddogmutt! eagle 20 is the only way to go to actually get rid of it. Everything else is just a 'treatment' and will only lower the level of pm rather then get rid of them. I had powdery mildew on all of my plants about 8 months ago and did a single spraying and haven't seen it since. This included spraying all 10 motherplants thoroughly and bleaching/repainting all surfaces and changing out all my air filters...I even used some dr.doom fogger too. I was struggling with pm for months and nothing would get rid of it....tried greencure, serinade, ph'd water, pm wash, milk, skim milk, sulfer burns and of course keeping humidity as low as possible (~20%)

    Eagle 20 however CANNOT be used during flower! It is a systemic treatment and works it's way into the plant...it's a nasty chem that I hate using..but as I said I only had to use it once...and I did so on my mother plants and also directly sprayed fresh cuttings with it when I made clones.

    buddog recommends 40 days prior to harvest but I personally would never spray it within a week or so of going into flower..so I guess I'm more around a 70 days rule. Either way, just be smart about it. When I asked for eagle20 at the hydro store they looked kinda nervous and told me it was illegal for them to sell and you needed a special agricultural license to buy it..I got some of the net np though..as you can with most things :)

    btw mites used to be my biggest fear about growing...now after having pm and battling it, I almost laugh at the thought of mites. (which also disappeared after the E-20 treatment)

    *btw I only used 2 ml per gallon for the spray, one treatment.
  8. lol...i bet no complaints.....just started LSTing the girls in my tent...9 days in so far...much like yourself just enjoying life....
  9. i agree 100%....i wouldnt either...but the info says 30 days and its safe... so, to each is own on that
    but as you read i use as a preplant dip..so we're eye to eye on that note...
  10. yup...i ordered over amazon...no probs at all...my state doesnt sell it...lol
  11. here's 3 key ingredients for every indoor project...lol...for me at least..they are great for a number of different plant issues....

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  12. You can buy it on amazon? I thought that stuff was illegal lol
  13. the wonders of the world wide web....shipped from florida....
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    thats why amazon...couldnt just go to a store and by it...its an agricultural product that doesnt pass certian state regulations...its not illeagal to produce and sell in states its approved in....some people!!! common sence...its not cocaine...

    like a smog check on cars...state regulated..some states dont requior a smog check...mine does...its all about the states regulations....the product itself is leagal...didnt think it requiored such a remedial break down...
  15. whatever bro

    guess i should have used my "common sence"
  16. yup....im here to help the one posting the question asking for help...as all can see by my responces...YOU, on the other hand, aparently just wanna hop around on folks post to leave non helping remarks...and in the process attempt to question the very valuable info im providing to the problem...what have you done helpfull???...NADA!!!...so yeah, next time put a little more thought into your actions...if you're not part of the solution...you're a part of the problem...
  17. ive been taking clones from the same strain over and over which was infected with pm after taking clones, now i randomly see a few spots here and there even on clones. if a mother plant is infected its safe to assume all clones will also be infected... so if i start treating the vegging plants in a separate clean room with eagle20, and clean everything with bleach in the flowering room and set off some fungicide foggers i should be set?

    i really would have to kick myself in the ass if i had to kill this strain, fruit punch c99 <3... i am reducing my total number of plants at the moment and planned on vegging for a few extra weeks. i have 5 in flower staggered out 2 every 2 weeks except the last one i just threw in last week, which i may just take back out and put into veg and super crop it to shorten it down a little.

    i also used to fear spider mites and it seemed relentless when i had problems with them, but now fighting off pm is about a million times worse =/

    the pm spots are very small and has not infected the bud at all yet since ive kept on top of trimming leaves and spraying/ spot treating, i hope i can finish these off without too much of a problem. im going to try and drop the humidity very low and foliar spray with high ph water once a week... u think this may give me time to finish them?
  18. treat all that are still in veg...and those will be fine...and yes to the rest in paragraph 1.......and any PM on the leaves of budding plants = PM IN BUDS....i dont foliar spray at all...plants dont need to be feed that way unless you're having root issues....that extra moister on plants keep humidity levels higher...foliar feeding is for a quick injection of nutes or medicine...other wise shouldnt be done...in my opinion

  19. All he said was "I thought that stuff was illegal" :confused:

  20. i meant foliar spray with high ph water to kill off the pm and make it inhabitable without spraying a fungicide is all, spray when lights are on and also run a dehumidifier to lower the chance of its survival.

    i had a few spots on just a couple fan leaves(very small spots) on a previous plant i harvested that i spot treated and i saw nothing on the buds and i examined very closely. but the other plant that i also did the same treatment to was covered inside of the buds, huge bummer. it seems one phenotype is getting it worse than the others, im thinking of killing it off completely since it is only the grape fruit phenotype c99 smells kinda funky but havent even had a sample of it yet =/

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