why do i have more plants than seeds i planted??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mr.niceguy619, May 10, 2006.

  1. when i 1st started my grow i transplanted all the sprouts into there own pot (so 1 sprout per pot) well it's been about 3 weeks since the transplant, my plants just came out of shock (i assume it was in shock due to the transplant) and now i have 1 extra sprout in each container????? whe would this be?? i used new soil. any ideas?? thanks
  2. anyone have any ideas??:confused:
  3. you either have a grass seed in there and it's not actually cannabis or it somehow cloned itself, never heard of anything like this before, sorry.
  4. maybe it's a grass seed (but it looks like a mj sprout) or it's a miricle clone:confused:
  5. 99% chance its grass seed.

    Had this happen in 3 of my pots
  6. ok thanks.....does anyone know what grass grows like?? so far it looks like mj, also is it ok to leave it in the same pot?? or should i pull it out?
  7. Well, the ones i came across just grew straight up and didnt have any leaves... kinda like... grass lol.

    i pulled mine, i dunno if it will hurt it though
  8. see so far this is growing like weed..... it has 2 leaves on it so far, but it still looks like it's about to "open up"??
  9. dont pull it out yet wait to see if it is mj ... just in case
  10. so far it's still lookin like mj ( i think it's like the baby jesus of weed......a plant is growing w/out any seeds) so ill see what happens, but will this be a drain of nute's for my other plants (that are in the same pot)???
  11. Any way you can get a picture of it? definately put it in a differnt container before its roots entangles with the other plants. Could someone have played a trick on you? please try to get a pic up
  12. no one could of tricked me (no one knows that im growin...yet) ill try to learn how to put pics on the internet (i still dont know how to post pics):eek:
  13. it is possible to get twins from one seed.... have seen it on a few other forums, just transplant one of them into its own pot (be careful of roots) and u should just have double the bud :)
  14. ^he's right, I've also heard of this happen to many people on other forums.
  15. wow really?? because now i have like 3 or 4 magic sprouts (all in different posts, and when this 1st happend there where only 2 extra sprouts, now 4)

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