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Why do I have a headache?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by camram, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Does weed cause headaches? I smoke everyday and drink plenty of water. Today I woke up with this subtle headache and it has stayed like all day.

    I know this might be from wayyy outta left field but I did stop using butane lighters and started using hemp wick last night. Maybe withdrawal from sucking in all that butane? Or maybe hemp wick causes headaches?
  2. sounds like you may have a brain tumor.
  3. Karma man. Even if that was a joke, have a little tact. :rolleyes:
  4. Honestly you could have just slept in a weird position and awoken with a headache. I wouldn't give it too much attention unless it remains for a long period of time or gets substantially worse.

    happy smoking man. :bongin:
  5. Could just be a headache kind of day? You said you smoke all the time and just today it has happened... is this the first headache you've ever had? what would make you think it's marijuana.. maybe your blood sugar levels are low.. or maybe you're dehydrated.. a lot of things cause headaches man

  6. Sounds like you may have cancer in your funny bone.

  7. It's not a tumor!!!!!

    Sorry I'm warped from when I was young, damn Arnold.
  8. Could be anything. Allergies, lack of caffeine, maybe you're about to get a nasty head cold. Could be anything.
    Smoking seeds and stems gives me a headache. Are you doing that?

    I really don't see how (lack of) butane is drastic enough to give you a headache, I don't think you even inhale enough butane to affect anything.

    My bet: Allergies or you're about to get sick.
  9. Butane withdrawals are serious bid-ness.
  10. No its just a shitty morning
  11. THC deficiency

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