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Why Do I Get So Paranoid When I Smoke?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nephew07, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. When I smoke I'm usually smoking some high grades like sour or something along the lines of that. When I started smoking that's all I would smoke. Recently I started getting anxiety when I smoke sour and think that people are after me, talking about me, etc. etc. It got so bad that when I was sober those feelings started to effect my sober life. I thought that everyone was betraying me and I stopped going out as much. After a couple months I had a talk with my parents and my father suggested that It's probably because I was smoking sooo much high grades that it was making me paranoid. I don't want to completely stop smoking weed but I don't want to keep getting panic attacks.
    Do you think that it was because I was smoking so much high grades that I was getting like this? Should I start smoking something weaker than he high grades I've been smoking? Please help me! :confused:

  2. I get the same anxiety related issues from time to time, and I've been smoking daily for a year. For it to go over to your normal every day life is bad though, I've never heard of that. I would quit smoking immediately if that happened to me, as far as how to stop getting anxiety either don't smoke as much, build a higher tolerance, or don't smoke at all.
  3. i got like this before , i think i was because i was from smoking to much and there was people there i didnt like either so i could of been that but who knows, anyways im past that now .  but my advice is try smoking smaller amounts and see if thats improves your smoking or hang around people you like the most , like close friends or family members . and i know what mean when you get paranoid around people even when your not high because i also experience this issue from time to time , but you just have to keep yourself calm and take deep breathes.  hope this helps bud , happy toking :bongin:
  4. You can smoke as much as you want, it's all about your mindset. Try to chill out, watch a movie/listen to some music..
    Don't make yourself paranoid for no reason. 
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    It's more likely that you're just susceptible to this line of thinking.  The cannabis is probably exaggerating and aggravating it.  Trying a weaker strain or a strain high in CBD (if one is available to you) might help, as might smoking much less. 
    But If you're having anxiety and paranoia even when you aren't smoking then you should probably try to figure out how extensive it is in the absence of cannabis.  When I experience these things while straight it's usually because I'm under stress or worried about something.  Cannabis can't really fix that (for me) since it would probably exaggerate it.  Gotta fix the problems first.  Other people do experience stress and anxiety relief which just goes to show we're all different.
  6. Thanks for all your replies, I'm gonna try to smoke in smaller amounts when I do smoke and use my vape pen, I think this will help my problem. 
  7. actually paranoia is a side effect of weed. Other side effects include red eyes and faster heart beat. Some people have more paranoia than others though. I suggest smoking with friends so you will feel more secure really dude. 
  8. Sativa will freak you out while an indica will plant you on the couch with a pizza.
  9. Cannabis is strange no?

    Sativa (blue dream green crack) makes goofy energetic and carefree.

    Indica (anything kush OG bubba) makes me paranoid and I'll just stare at a crack in the wall thinking about sad depressing shit.

    Why I only smoke sativas.
  10. I get that way too sometimes. I was in downtown L.A about a month ago. Broad daylight. Normally I do not get paranoid when i am sober. But i was high on a cavi cone and i got paranoid. I knew it was the weed (strong stuff!) I told myself that it was the weed and there is nothing to worry about. But the feeling was there. looking back, I can laugh at it. It will probably happen again.
      Example: When I am sober and somebody asks me if i am high, I announce it into a microphone for all to hear "I AM STONED!!! AHHH HAHAHAHAHA!" I don't give a shit. But when I am stoned and somebody asks me that, i am all "shhhhhhh! keep it on the down low!" all whispering and stuff. Funny.
    I agree.
    It happened to me so much when I was young that I quit.
    IMO, it depends on who you are, and what's going on in your life at the time.
  12. Indica raises my tolerance through the roof and makes me sleep all day. Sativas make me trip out like i am on an unmentionable. I laugh my ass of at things on a sativa. Indicas generally have a higher THC content than sativas. I like both.
  13. Yeah for every oz of sativa I have about 1/8 of indica, usually for those late nights I can't sleep.
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    in yourcase i feel like it's just you not the bud. u gotta chill out, all about the mindset. Paranoia is usually only the case because it's illegal and you're paranoid of being caught or what have you. i personally only believe paranoia exists with weed is because it's illegal and fears that are low when sober are really high when blazed
  15. I used to get paranoid about weird shit like how humans got here and where do we actually come from. Then thinking maybe this shit isnt real and maybe i'm fake and this is the matrix wtf is my per purpose on earth etc.... After smoking weed for a while that shit goes away and you WISH it came back lol. 
  16. Schizophrenia
  17. I've gotten the feeling that this was like some sort of experiment on a really potent stoning.
  18. It's because you're being a bitch.
    Handle your paranoia like everyone else - by ignoring it.
    Focus on the chill and you can't go wrong.
  19. keeps your ass occupied to fight off the paranioa
  20. I am the same, so I only smoke before bedtime to help me sleep. When I smoke, very little, I don't talk to others and don't answer my phone.

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