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Why do I get so paranoid and worried when Im high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dedadoo, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. Like right now I'm blown and in around people watching a baseball game and I keep thinking everything I do makes me look like I'm hig. And I feel like someone is looking over my shoulder right now.. Anyone els getike this?
  2. I used to when i first started blazing. I felt watched and like everyone knew that i was high. It was something i got used to. Try not to think about it and just enjoy the high!

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  3. Your more than likely just uncomfortable with the situation. I'm usually like tht when the majority of the people around me aren't stoned
  4. Just a part of the experience.  There's a stigma attached to getting high and it tends to fuck with our sense of comfort when around other people, even when there's nothing to be worried about.  You'll learn to come to grips with it as you become more comfortable with yourself as a stoner.
  5. Like they said, once you smoke more you become more confident with your high's and it goes away.
    If you've smoked a long time and you still get paranoid, even when people aren't around, then maybe it's the situation. Is there anyone else in the room? 
  6. I used to get like that when I started smoking a long time ago. I don't know but maybe after a while I realized there is no reason to be paranoid. Not like anything that bad can happen.....catch a ticket and lose some bud maybe? I can't really remember when or why I stopped being paranoid.

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