Why do i feel ugly when im high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BaxterTheDog, May 11, 2013.

  1. Why do I feel high when im ugly?

  2. One hundred percent bro... one hundred percent..  the thing is that cannabis literally kills off some of the oxygen in your blood which is why your eyes get so blood shot, the area around your eyes turns black as hell for some more than others depending on the skin, and the amount smoked. And your skin gets dry. Cannabis is really good for you if its consumed orally or applied straight to your skin or hair, but when its smoked it literally does the opposite. Its super super super bad for you, and especially if youre not consuming retarded amounts of water, the dehydration makes the creases and wrinkles on your face more defined and certain areas of your face poofy. So youre not going crazy, you probably do look uglier. But the best advice i can give you is to drink lots and lots and lots of water.. keep your skin hydrated with skin lotion, and eat lots of fruits! It works. Oh yes, and whatever you do... try to smoke as least as you can out of anything other than pipes and bongs because the joint paper and the tobacco damage your skin as well, you might not notice right away but one day you will and you wont be able to do anything about. Its just science, its good to be aware.
  3. Lol whats with these old threads.
  4. i agree and i do feel ugly when i smoke but only when im not wearing mascara because then my eyes look too tiny and kinda like i haven't slept in weeks so i look v tired
  5. I feel sexy af
  6. I know it's an old thread but all this is is your subconscious worries coming out when your high, in other words you feel ugly all the time probably but when your high it's nagging at you

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  7. Depersonalizations mainly. Kinda like when you trip on another psychedelic substance. You get out of your head, lose your ego very fast. I think life is very special when I'm high, I feel amazing and beautiful actually. Sometimes I'll think about negative past events, but overall it's all about being positive before you smoke.
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  8. I used to get like this when I smoked shit weed

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  9. That's strange because when I'm high I feel very confident, when I'm not high I don't want to come out the house.

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  10. Listen if these threads are old I apologize.

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  11. But I would like a update to see if your okay.

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  12. Yeah I feel ugly as FUCK when I’m high
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  14. Feeling down? Just listen to the greatest mix tape of all time!

  15. My god I thought the exact same thing!! Lamb dance

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  16. Hey we've all done it, don't lie
  17. 'Ello Gov'na!

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