Why do I feel like this lately?

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  1. Well, after I smoke (normally 1 or 2 days after) I get all spaced out. Like I can't concentrate on shit at all, my mind bobs of in the most random directions, and I sometimes lose my depth-perception when I'm standing in a group of friends (circle-style) and feel like their SO far away from me, but I'm standing not 2 feet away from them. It didn't do it after the first time I smoked recently (smoked some purp) but the last 3 or 4 times I've smoked, it's been from the same stash that I got from a guy.

    Like, you all know when you're high, your mind races and you just get loads of ideas, that feeling you have when you're high like that is the same one I'm having when I'm sober. Like everything around me feels so fucking vast that it's ridiculous. I basically go blank, and can't piece sentences together correctly in a conversation. This didn't happen after I smoked that purp (Or any other times I've smoked before, come to think of it.), but it happened after I smoked the same shit that I got from some other guy. I keep thinking it could be laced, but with what?

    It's beyond annoying, I can't concentrate on some of my task and it makes me so mad. Any idea what could be causing this?
  2. if its only started to happen when youve been smoking that weed, then your probably just gettin really baked and your mind isnt too used to it. dont worry though, one time my friend just randomly like got really tired and just fell over when we were standing in the circle. it was really funny. you should be fine :smoke:
  3. Idk if you've heard of Salvia, but its a plant that's pretty much a mix of THC, and LCD.
    LCD=main ingredient in acid
    Salvia is actually legal in most states right now, but the states of the USA are starting to recognize it and it will most likely be added to the illegal drug list soon.

    Was it ground up when you bought it? Or is it actual buds? idk I'm just trying to give you something to look into.

    Id recommend buying weed from someone else, smoke up, and see if you have the same effects. If you do, its you. If not, there's either something in the weed, or the weed may be just a crazy strain or something.

    Id defiantly lay off that bag for now till you know if its the weed or you. I've never heard of this side effect before. I only get stupid the next morning if i smoked too much and went to bed blitzed out of my mind.
  4. Na I don't have a trip with it, or any visuals. I just get high from it, as I would with basically any weed.

  5. Uhhhh... no.

  6. Salvia is a plant that contains psychoactive chemicals that are completely different then THC and LSD.
    LCD is the thing inside your tv, LOL. If you don't know what you are talking about then don't make suggestions.
  7. Those were the days...
  8. Haha might have to sig that.
  9. Keep in mind that this isn't when I'm high, it's a day or two after that continues for a currently unknown time.
  10. Maybe it's depersonalization?
  11. I just wikipedia'd that shit, and it said that lyme disease could be a cause of it, and I did get a tick off of me a few days ago from a hike in the woods. :confused:
  12. Hey man, I can't believe something like this is legal, sounds too good to be true. But could you tell me if you tried it and where I may procure some? Thanks.
  13. LOL! I can't believe i didn't notice that. XD my bad.
    Well minding my stoned LCD/LSD mistranslation in the back of my skull, pretty much a friend of mine was telling me about salvia, thats a little bit stronger than weed, but its a new breed of plant all together.

    Believe it if you want, I have never smoked it myself, but the guy told him its pretty much a plant hybrid with THC and LSD. << based on what he told me. Google it.
    Its legal in most country's.

    Sources if you wish to bitch some more:
    The Legal Status of Salvia divinorum
    Salvia divinorum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I only mentioned it as something to look into. It sounded plausable to me that it could be a mixed bag because of the similar effects of weed, and maybe LSD could have longer effects, idk. It's a recommendation. Not none of this Cross My Heart And Hope To Die shit. Just trying to throw a possible solution.

    If you dont believe Salvia Divinorum exists, you haven't googled it yet.
  14. Nobody's denying it's existence. But it is completely different than THC or LSD. Your friend is misinformed. Maybe you should try googling it?
  15. Too lazy right now. x]
    Other than that, just trying to help. So try not to be so critical. You hurts me. :(
    lol just playin.
  16. LSD loses potency in heat and burning it makes it useless. It is not LSD and pot hybrid.
  17. HAppens to a lot of people when they start smoking... especially if its really dank weed (and you said its purple) so i assume as you smoke more often your tolerance will be more high and you will wish for your high to last for more than 4 hours.

    its just ur body getting used to the magic plant :D

  18. I have smoked salvia many times. You sound like you are probably a little kid. Salvia contains no THC and no LSD.
  19. You got good weed, enjoy it. Don't question it.
  20. Believe what you want. Feb. 15, 1992. Your choice. Re-read my last post and maybe something will plummet through your empty fucking skull.

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