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Why Do I Feel Guilty

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Triipyy, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Why do i feel guilty for smokin bud? I have for a long time. i quit for a few months and started back 3 months ago. But i feel really guilty and dont know why :(
  2. Because you need to smoke better stuff so you dont feel guilty. I get those moments than I think about how great it makes me feel and I feel better:smoking:
  3. ya dude it's like i always feel so guilty it just ruins the high.
  4. smoking weed is no different then drinking alcohol (aside from the negative health effects from alcohol haha)

    people drink like fishes all day everyday and no one ever feels guilty about it because its part of the social "norm"

    there are plenty of people that smoke all day everyday and they don't feel guilty about it, so why should you?

    whats to feel guilty about? if your okay with it fuck what anyone else things :D
  5. You feel guilty because the society has been busy brainwashing you.
    Keep fighting!:smoking: You will soon stop feeling guilty
  6. probably because you've been conditioned to do so

    i've gotten yelled at for not having a job so much that a lot of the time when im out doing something i enjoy, like smoking, skating, hanging with friends, i feel guilty cuz i think i should like, work a ton and be miserable before i get to enjoy myself

    of course thats bullshit and i should enjoy it all anyway as long as nobody's getting hurt by my actions, but i still feel that way a lot just cuz its been pounded into my brain

    but ya, as long as your not hurting anybody i think you shouldn't feel guilty about anything really, especially if its something you enjoy and benefit from, and even more so if its utilizing the universe's greatest gift to mankind =P

  7. hes telling the truth.
    you need to find out why you feel guilty with bud , is it because someone close to you is an anti pot nazi? is it because you were pressured into it?
    but just remember that its something to help you , its only good. = )
    i hope you get over the guilt = )
  8. Your brainwashed by the gov., school, or parents, they told you weed is the devils lettuce since you were young and now your conscience is making you feel bad for getting high, there's nothin wrong with weed except it being illegal
  9. Well the whole situation is: 3 years ago i got caught with bud.. put on probation. Got 08892374-39184 probation violations for smoking (thats why i stayed on probby so long). They made me go to 3 outpatient rehab place where i basically faked it till i made it. So i just got off probation 3 months ago, Started smokin again :). But i guess i feel guilty because 1. I have a kid and it just makes me feel irresponsible. 2. My parents/girlfriend think i quit and are all proud and shit. I love bud, it free's my mind. I Just wanna live free and be in peace. I'm not a bad person either. I'm a good father, i got a job, i'm going back to school etc. so now that i feel mad guilty it makes me distant from everyone else and i just tend to isolate because everyone around me looks down on it.

    somebody tell me a good answer to this fucked up situation
  10. Your solution is in your text. You say you're a good father and your life is in order, school, job, etc. So just use this to your advantage. Use Mary as a way to relax after work, or celebrate your life. You control her, she doesn't control you.
  11. man all i can tell you is as long as your doing what you gotta do then its ok if your old enough to make your own decisions then your old enough to smoke weed and people (especially those around you) should respect that just cause you smoke doesnt mean your a bad person just keep doing what you gotta do and if you want smoke some herb
  12. 1. if you're a loving father to your child and do not neglect him(which seems like you are) then there's nothing wrongs with being a smoking parent.

    2. your loved ones are brainwashed and believe weed is a determinant to a good life i suppose, so educated them on the herb and show them what society tries to hide from the world.

    So long as you aren't messing up your life, you shouldn't put yourself down for smoking there's nothing wrong with it.

    With that being said just try to be safer and smarter about smoking so you don't get caught up with the law because that is the only reason you should have an apprehension to smoking.

    so smoke up bruh..:D

  13. ok , if you take care of your kid , your gf , your responsibilities , and your being a man , theres nothing to sweat. weed does free you. so if you take care of everything first , then smoke , theres nothing wrong with it.
    dont be guilty man , your doing nothing wrong. :yay:
  14. Because someone, somewhere, told you that smoking cannabis makes you a bad person.

    You know better, though. You know that you're not hurting anyone, and that this person was wrong. You have to *believe* it, though.

    Clearly, you can handle your responsibilities. This isn't about your responsibilites, though--it's about your feelings, and you need to air those out, else it'll screw up your spirit, as well as your smoke.

    Is there anyone you talk to openly, someone who knows you smoke and accepts that? You say you isolate--very bad idea. I can smoke alone, but smoking alone and upset makes for a very bad scene. Having a support system around you will help you to grapple with the guilt.

    Another thing: some of the guilt is about the falseness in your life, pretending you're not a smoker when you are. The problem isn't the smoking--it's the falseness. You don't have to tell your folks you're smoking, but you can make it an issue beyond discussion. If they accept you, then they'll accept the herb. It's unreasonable and crazy-making to expect you to live a lie.
  15. It's like being guilty for being gay. Your not, it's who you are.

    It seems like you have some self esteem issues with bud and the stigma you get from it.
  16. Considering the fact that you just ended your stint in a LEO re-education camp, it's not surprising that you're dealing with some fallout from all that propaganda. That program is designed to make you feel negatively towards Cannabis.

    If the guilt is too much? Quit. You can always come back.

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