Why do i feel depressed?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sanities, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. I hang out with friends almost everyday, but seem whenever I am alone I get depressed. My dog died yesterday also that I've had for 12 1/2 years
  2. You're single?
  3. Probably grieving still.Try to stay active.
  4. I feel the same way bro, think of It this way. You have friends. A lot by the sounds of it. You smoke weed and I do too, nothing wrong with it, but you may have become dependant on it. If you smoke enough your body begins to rely on it. I would say to tone down the getting high and start pacing yourself. I only smoke once every few weeks and I still get upset. I have 2 friends, which I never see one of them and the other lives a 30 minute train ride away. I never really go out. At least you go out and have fun. I don't. I'm a loner
  5. It's hard to diagnose with knowing so little of your situation. The dog dying does not help (my deepest sentiments to you on that), but if you are getting depressed simply by being alone that suggests you need to change something. Start searching until you find it, then fix it.
  6. Well I smoke just about everyday but I don't feel dependent on it, I just like to do it. I don't mind waiting to buy my next batch either when im out im out i dont fiend for more,I just find whenever Im out of marijuana and alone I'm depressed but if I'm alone and have marijuana I'm not depressed. It's sort of an anti-depressant like medicine and when I'm out of medicine I'm depressed.

    If that makes any sense to you lol
  7. Yeah. Makes sense. It just sounds like you depend on it for happiness but don't realise it. Happened to me. And I didn't realise it until I went a while with out it. I am only a habitual smoker now.
  8. I wish this plant was just legal where I live lol, but i heard they might be changing the schedule of the drug so that's good. I mean it is just a plant, it should be legal and inexpensive, but that's just my opinion. How much should A PLANT cost, would you sell rose's for thousand of dollars of plant lol

  9. Vicious Swoop
  10. I agree. It's stupid how Vicodin is legal (it's pretty much heroin mixed with coke and opium) yet weed isn't.

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