Why do I feel butterflies?/Guilty?

Discussion in 'General' started by heartagram, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. A family memeber gave me some money and I am planning to buy bud with it, but I feel really guilty and I am having second thoughts. I was gonna buy an eigth, what do you think I should do?
  2. did you trick them into giving you tho money or tell them it was for a different reason? i dunno id prolly still buy an 1/8th and share it with them if they smoke
  3. Yea same with me it just dosnt feel right spending money that a family member gave to you on bud. But if you really want it i would just buy it its not that big of a deal.
  4. it's the same as buying a video game or something, temporary entertainment. Bud smoking is a hobby, at least in my opinion and I think many here would agree.
  5. I still have a little bud left. Like, I am not dying to buy it.

    And no I didnt trick them, I just didnt end up spending it and they dont seem like they need it back.
  6. to be honest...you probably wont remember by the time you smoke the bud unless you have a really quick connection. but youll still feel guilty until then.
  7. hmm, perhaps look at it like this... next time you come into money, buy yourself what you WOULD HAVE bought with the money you got from them (whatever it was initially intended for)... and buy the bud now... make sense?
  8. If you feel pretty guilty about it I would reccomend to use that money on soemthing neccessary (like food or something if you live on your own) and spend the regular money you use on it for bud.
  9. Just buy some bud
  10. If my mom or dad gives me money... to the bank account it goes...
  11. Give them back some of it and keep some of it.
  12. just buy the bud. what else would you spend it on anyways? Dont feel guilty about it either, your just havin a good time
  13. meh ive asked my mom for like 20 before and bought a dub. i mean i felt guilty for a little while but i payed her back so i didnt see any thing wrong

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