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why do I continue to smoke and not vape.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by euphorianx3, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. honestly I thought it was the weed and almost gave it up till I took a look from the outside at myself.

    i have been dealing with anxiety attacks, and when i smoke one of the main problems is, i start getting shortness of breath, cause i have COPD, and then i hyperventilate, and insets paranoia which raises my heart rate alot.

    i need a vape, but can't afford one atm. should i just temporarilly stop smoking till I get a vape?
  2. I would wait. There's no point in taking an unnecessary risk.

    Plus my volcano is dopeeeee :smoke:
  3. i just think it's ridiculous that i keep going through the same cycle.
    i think i'm going to make a DIY vape.
  4. Hey man, dunno if you remember me we messaged eachother a coupel of days ago.

    Vape is a pretty good idea, I've got mine out atm. Make a DIY one if you can, a well working one, only if you can't get funds soon though.. you can get a pretty nice vape for $100.

    I personally reccomend a vapor brothers vape which run under 200, really awesome for just chilling & relaxing!

    If you're going to smoke before you get the vape just do it in a relaxing place and what not.
  5. Some DIY vapes are very unsafe, so be careful..
  6. you might as well wait..give yourself a chance to chill out, get your tolerance low and you'll save money faster!

    i took a tbreak and brought it back with a vap and it was fucking amazing
  7. i should buy a vape too. vaporizers are a lot better for your health but i just love smoking my bong so much also i dont have money for one right now. i had a vaporizer i got in a trade from my buddy but it had to plug into the wall, can you get vaporizers that you don't need to plug into a wall socket?
  8. Save up for the vape. You'll thank yourself later :)

  9. magic flight launch box

    plug a battery in for a few secs and inhale
  10. I bought a vaporizer but I guess it was missing a whip. I'm still ignorant on the matter, went to all the head shops nearby and no one had ideas or products to offer, so it's been sitting in my closet and I've completely forgotten about it.

    Any suggestions?

  11. change your diet not the herb ;)
  12. save up 100 and get a magic flight launch box

  13. I would try to find one online, you will probably have better luck. just get it shipped to your house if that is possible or get a po box or something of that matter. Hoped that helped =]

  14. clearly marijuana is not helping your cause ... if you lost the relaxation and now only get paranoia THC may not be your drug of choice... id suggest alcohol and anti-depressants to help cure your problem
  15. what a horrible advice
  16. what a horrible grammar ;) lolol

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