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Why Do I Act Crazy While High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kylahh, Jul 8, 2017.

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    Hey guys, so to start off I've been smoking for about 3 years now, very spaced apart though, it'll be months between smoke sessions typically, and I have a 0 tolerance for weed, this is not an exaggeration: Depending on the strain I smoke, I can easily get high off one hit.

    To Explain My Question: Whenever I get high it is almost always with my cousin, because me and her act the exact same way and have this exact same problem. By acting crazy I dont mean like panic attacks and depersonalization, I've figured out how to fix that. But I mean like just talking very loud almost to the point where we are yelling, and we cant control ourselves whatsoever. We laugh about literally everything, someone breathing, a door shutting, even at how we look, but we laugh to the point where we cant breathe anymore and everyone is looking at us like we've completely lost our minds, we also have about a million thoughts racing through our head every second, and we feel the need to try and vocalize these thoughts and we just end up looking stupid. The last thing is that me and my cousin have both convinced ourselves that we have this special connection because no one else understands how we feel when we're high. Dont get me wrong, all these feelings are enjoyable and are super fun, but everyone thinks we are on other chit by the way we act. Does anyone know how we can somehow fix this behaviour or at least supress it a little bit?
  2. Smaller hits and pace yourself. If one hit rocks you, get a small one hitter or something where it's just impossible to pack much
  3. There's nothing crazy going on & your cousin are just high as a mf :p

    Enjoy :smoking:
  4. Ride the train and fuck the haters...

    This kinda stuff is normal for sensitive people with zero tolerance.

    From the sounds of it you could probably get high off a couple flakes. .25-.5. Try it out, but if you're feeling self-conscious around ppl, just don't be around those people ;)
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  5. Thanks guys! Yeah, me and her have a hell of a good time, its just the other people that kill our vibe.
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  6. Don't worry about fixing things, you'll grow out of this phase.
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  7. I miss those days.
  8. Honestly if you feel good and more comfortable just smoking a tiny bit, smoke that amount. There's nothing to be proud of if you can smoke more than someone else so just do what works for you.
  9. Ummmm...because you consumed a drug?

    Where am I?
  10. Yikes..
  11. Your profile pic?

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