why do hoes have pimps?

Discussion in 'General' started by wolsdam, May 13, 2011.

  1. Its something I've always wondered. I don't get it, Pimps are always like "I'ma smack a hoe, make dat bitch get me my money." Why don't hoes just do their own thing without the Pimps beating em up and shit.

  2. show me a ho without a pimp, and ill show you where the ocean is
  3. For protection... I think. Although at least in movies they just seem to enjoy beating their hoes instead of protecting them ;p
  4. This question was asked in a Sex Crimes class I took. My professor, who has interviewed dozens of women in that situation, explained it like this:

    1. Protection. If you are doing illegal things for money, you cant call the police when a customer doesnt pay up. Pimps will bust some kneecaps to make sure they are paid for their services.

    2. Almost all of them are severely addicted to drugs. So much so that they will spend ALL of their money on crack or heroin or meth... The pimp "takes care" of his girls because he needs them alive and somewhat sexy enough to get money for their services. He manages their cash. He gives them drugs, or money for drugs, but also buys food for them and makes sure they have a place to sleep.
  5. Definitely protection is a huge thing without a pimp, whats stoppin all those johns from jus fuckin the bitch n leavin?

  6. you make a valid point sir
  7. without the pimp there is no hoe
  8. Pimpin' ain't easy, but it's necessary.
  9. na, it aint
  10. Because if i was charlie sheen, and she didnt have a pimp...I'd not only refuse to pay, id rob her lol.
  11. God's a pimp,and your all his hoes.
    Me being aware of that,I do not count.:hippie:
  12. Well, now we are all aware of that and do not count. :smoke:
  13. Good.
  14. haha...pimpin aint easy :D
  15. hoes just never considered the concept of being a free agent.
  16. pimpin got harder cuz hos got smarter

  17. haha nice man
  18. selling/buying women is not cool bros

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