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Why do headshops insist on the term "Waterpipe"?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by i Donk, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I understand they are trying to legally protect themselves against selling "marijuana paraphernalia" but does it really matter what they call it?

    Have you ever seen someone pack a bong with tobacco and take a monster rip? Or have you ever heard someone say "Damn, I broke my bong, so now I can't get my nicotine fix"?

    Seems sort of pointless to me to call it a waterpipe, when everyone knows there's only one purpose for it anyway.

  2. There's not only one purpose. You, being a marijuana smoker, only see people that have bongs for marijuana. People do use bongs for tobacco, I don't know why?, but they do.
  3. my friend took a bong rip of tobacco and threw up. he didn't smoke a cig for a week after that
  4. Bongs are used to smoke marijuana. Waterpipes are used to smoke tobacco. Headshops don't sell bongs, they sell waterpipes :bongin:
  5. Strictly legal reasons as you stated in your first thought.

    Agreed, it is pretty dumb, but if they can protect their business by using a different word, then good on them...
  6. I pulled a monster tobacco rip once.....NEVER AGAIN...

  7. I can buy that if we are talking about a normal pipe or a bubbler, but I can't imagine someone wanting a bong rip of tobacco (i've been a cigarette smoker for 10 years btw). The purpose of a bong is to get the biggest hit possible. Why would anyone want a monster hit of tobacco? It would have to be incredibly painful.

  8. I agree, but won't waterpipes eventually become synonymous with marijuana as well?
  9. I understand where you're coming from, but how about your first couple monster rips of dank from a bong? How bad did that hurt? Haha, alot.
    And what'd that bong do to you? Fucked you up. In a sense, tobacco users that want to can do that as well: they'll slowly be able to start taking bigger hits I assume, and more nicotine fix off of less tobacco in this economy=GOOD.
  10. Some people do want to use water pipes for smoking tobacco, just because you can't imagine someone doing it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

    And not everyone uses bongs to get monster rips, some people just like using a table top smoking device with water filtration.

  11. Well, in every pot smokers eyes, the term waterpipe is already synonymous with weed smoking.
    But in the eyes of the law, it is still tobacco related. And when youre on the stand with a state or federal prosecuter trying their very best to rip you a new one, its a life saving legality... Unless youre tommy chong that is...

    Regardless, its fucking stupid.
  12. the correct terms basically lay out the law. you can buy a "waterpipe" for tobacco but you can't buy a bong for marijuana, from a head shop for obvious legal reasons.
  13. Haha, reminds me of that south park episode where chef is telling mr. garrison and mr slave about how black people stay ahead of white people when it comes to stealing culture.

    "dont say waterpipe! Now lets go and take a couple rips off the flippity floppity floop"

  14. The one where the flag is hanging an African american, with white people surrounding him with torches and pitchforks, and the kids are so unracist they don't see the difference, and are trying to keep the flag while chef wants it to change??

  15. I'm fairly sure those are different episodes.

  16. Nah, its the southpark goes gay episode. Where the queer eye for the straight guy dudes blow up, then want to make over president bush, then they turn out to be crab people, and start giving out crab people makeovers until they are defeared by stan, kyle and cartman... Kenny probably dies...
  17. Here in London, especially in areas like camdem if anybody knows where that is. There are hundreds of headshops which you can walk in and and use the marijuana terms for all the paraphernalia like bong and stuff.
    Most of the shop owners actually sell you weed in the headshops if you know them so its all good
  18. It matters. That's how Tommy chong got busted
  19. Well technically a water-pipe is a water pipe not specifically labeled for any particular substance. Some people say tobacco water pipe, but most places just say water pipe. Dosent really go either way
  20. I do not have a clue... It's stupid.

    Bong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "A bong (also water pipe) is a filtration device generally used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances."

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