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Why do girls talk about there ex's so such?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Bobmarleyo21, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. What's with girls always talking about there ex boyfriends in front of guys, c'mon us men don't care about your ex boyfriends. Do girls do this just to show off to guys that they can get a boyfriend?
  2. Usually when a girl talks about her ex, she's pointing out the things he did wrong in hopes you don't do the same things.
    And if she talks about the good things he did, she's hoping you'll top them.
  3. ^^^ I do that... but have since learned it's not the best idea.

    It aggravated my man, so I don't do it anymore
  4. It isn't limited to women, my friend
  5. To remind you that no matter how your doing it; your doing it wrong.

    That's when I play the jerking off to other woman card.
  6. Lol... With my current boyfriend I talked about them bc I was pointing out the right things he was doing that they never got the clue of doing. But regardless no one likes to hear about the ex's.

  7. I hate when girls do it to me, makes me think they still have feelings for there ex

  8. :eek: My boyfriend said the same thing! In truth I despise mine :mad: like I said, with my bf now, I mentioned them to point out how totally shitty they treated me, trying to say how much I appreciated him. Buuuut now I just come out and tell him I appreciate him. And not mention my past mistakes.
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    In my experience, the ex's that girls like to mention are either the really shitty ones, or the really great ones. More leaning towards the shitty ones, I'm sure they would rather deviate their thoughts and not linger on the good ones. Regardless, usually when they bring up their ex's in your presence, they're thinking what it would be like to be in a relationship with you.

    Just notice the context in which she speaks of him in, is she shedding either a positive or negative light on this individual?

    However, my views on the matter are similar to which Kyle said:

    Like I said before, I'm speaking strictly in my experience, but they usually do it to set a fair warning to you; what they like and what they don't like. Listen to what she has to say about her ex, it's great way of figuring out the kind of chicka she is, and what her desires are.

  10. LMFAO! You remembered... I didn't till I saw that

    But yeah OP Tha Professor has a lotta rep for a reason :p that's pretty much the truth, just listen to the way she talks about them.

    I know I talked about them with distaste and a pissed off tone bc they were piece of shit losers. I can almost promise you she most likely doesn't give two shits about her ex's anymore.
  11. I know Tha Professor gives good advice and all but that in no way makes him a female.
    ...or does it?
  12. the only time i ever bring up my ex is if its absolutely necessary... ie: when someone asks where my dog is (she lives with my ex, "her dad")

    exes before that? only if asked directly about them... or if i'm telling a story and mentioning them is pivotal to it.
  13. i use the same strategy. i know why i dont want to hear about any of my girlfriends ex's, its pretty simple. i know if she says something like "my ex used to do that so please dont" that she is still reminded of someone she supposibly doesnt have feeling for. thats fucked up. to me at least, i mean if you're in a serious relationship thats whack.
  14. exactly this <3 haha
    but I usually don't talk about ex's unless it come's up.
    and when it does it ain't anything serious either lol

  15. I meant it as the way the girl talks about her ex's... maybe a ; would have been better punctuation usage to clear up the confusion? Sorry about the confusion
  16. I'm not too worried about when my gf talks about her ex, because well we both know he is was a giant dick, and was borderline retarded (not lying about that haha, like he went to special classes and shit when he was in highschool)
  17. I never do that haha...what's the point? You're with the guy you're with screw old boyfriend's.

    But one of my best friend's does to guys ALL the time...talks about her ex's, talks about guys who've asked her out, who she could get with, etc. And she does it 'cause she thinks he's not showing her enough attention and so wants to show him she could be with other guys, but she's choosing to be with him so he'd better make the most of it sorta...or like she wants him to prove how he's better than all these other guys.

    I dunno I never really got why people did that...I guess it can sorta make sense, but if you're with someone you really love you shouldn't need all that bull

    It's annoying but you just gotta go along with it and show her you don't give a crap about other guys 'cause she's yours now :smoke:
  18. It doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl. If you're talking about your ex then you are thinking about them, and that isn't completely fair to your current partner.

    And you might deny the feelings for your ex, but ex-couples get back together all the time. If you disagree, clearly you have not yet been given the, "Sorry, my ex and I are going to try to work things out" speech.
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    This and she might still just be hurt. IS there anything wrong with (a single girl) wanting to talk about the things that hurt her?

    When I talk to my boyfriend about my ex it's because he doesn't know all the things I've been through/had to deal with.... so when i remember something and i feel like opening up.... i will. My boyfriend knows I love him, he also BETTER know I don't want to get back with my ex. Yuck, that would be the biggest mistake ever, since first dating her.
  20. Just go gay, women are full of problems.

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