Why do girls dance with each other?

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  1. I never understood why man...
    I also, was thinking..girls put alot of effort into their dancing. Their constantly moving they're spine and hips. But when i'm grinding them im not exerting much effort. lol
  2. Why question it?

    It's a blessing from above :smoke:
  3. You ever see two (completely straight) drunk bitches make out?

    Yeah thats what it is.

    For the attention and thrill.

  4. No it isn't. Not necessarily. Sometimes partially, but not entirely.

    Dancing for dancing's sake is fun. Sexy dancing for sexy dancing's sake is really fun. But if a girl does that with a guy he'll immediately think she's also down to fuck him. If she dances like that with a girl there's an understanding that it's just dancing.
  5. Half the girls that grinded and pounded on my dick had sex with me.
  6. Girls dance with other girls to have fun. Not every group of girls goes out to try to hook up with guys. They're just there to have fun and get drunk with their friends.
    Some girls just like to go out and dance with their friends. Doesn't mean they're craving attention from guys.
  7. Because girls dance better.
  8. They want to be socially accepted and at the same time, show the surrounding males their ability in bed. Don't pay attention to the people saying it's just for "fun". If it were, they would just gather like 10 friends and go over somebodys house to turn off the lights and turn on the radio.
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    How can you say it isn't fun if you've never been a girl doing it? Obviously it's fun. Can't you see that just looking at them? Not everything girls do is entirely for the benefit of the men surrounding them. That's an incredibly chauvinistic attitude.

    Maybe they do dance at home too and you weren't invited. Girls don't just go out to pick up guys even if it's the only reason a lot of guys go out.

    The attention might be part of the fun, but that isn't all of it. Going out with friends is fun. Dancing is fun. Dancing with a partner is fun. Dancing in an arousing way is fun in itself (same as when it's done with men). But with men it comes with the expectation that the fun won't end on the dance floor. Dancing with women is a way to enjoy that without the risk of some guy getting upset because he thinks it meant more.

    Yea, that's my point. Maybe the girls dancing with girls didn't want to get laid by some random guy they pick up in a club and still want to dance in a sexually expressive way. But just dance.

    Do all of you guys who don't think it could possibly be fun really not enjoy dancing? Is dancing only fun when it's a precursor to a sexual relationship. That's super lame.

    That too.
  10. [quote name='"Zeddy"']

    Not everything girls do is entirely for the benefit of the men surrounding them.[/quote]

    If only
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    I feel sorry for you if those are the only girls you've encountered or that's the only side of them you've allowed yourself to see.

    And pretty glaring example of how sexism isn't dead in the post-suffrage Western world... if men still believe a woman is only capable of serving men in everything she does.

    I think men are just more turned on by the idea that women dance with women only to please them. It's somehow less fun if those women are genuinely enjoying themselves and would even if you weren't watching.
  12. All girls are secretly lesbians.

  13. You could see two straight girls dance all the time like its normal, but the second two guys do it, it raises questions.
  14. My point is girls and guys could both think dancing is fun.

    But girls could dance with each other anytime they wish and they feed off the positive attention. While if two guys did it, then they would most likely get negative attention.
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    Depends on the party and how accepting the crowd is of bisexuality in either gender. Happens at raves with some regularity.

    At the average club, sure, people might react with some discomfort (definitely way more likely to come from the other men than from the girls.) Girls love seeing guys together though. They'd probably get a lot of positive attention too. Wouldn't try it in the Republican strongholds though.

    Yea, some would initially assume they're gay, which many men are absolutely beyond terrified of projecting. It's silly though. If I saw two guys lustily dancing together and then one wanted to dance with me (female) I'd probably be way more willing than with the average straight guy. Partially because if he's gay then he doesn't want bang me afterwards anyway, and if he's that openly bi he wins major points, and if he's straight then it's great that he's so much less uptight about it than the average straight guy.

    Kind of counter intuitive. But it might work to attract girls. Just need to establish that you are actually into females quickly. Lots of girls are into bi guys. It's just that lots of guys are terrified of bi guys.
  16. Wouldn't try it even over here in Nor Cal bro. Unless it was a gay club. There are lots of douchey guys who have no tolerance for that shit.
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    I can tell you why.. its fun. Girls usually dance better and you don't have to worry about some dude grabbing your tits, or ass or some guy trying to rub your pussy over your clothes or just straight up try to finger you. Or they just literally hump you. I went to the club last night and two dudes just humped my ass so I turned around said "no" and walked away. Its really fucking annoying.

    Guys at clubs are DESPEREATE. So are some females. I personally could give a fuck if a guy watches me while I'm dancing or not. I love to dance. I will dance by myself, with a girl or with a guy, but either way I'm dancing.

  18. Yea, that's really unfortunate for a lot of reasons. Forcing men by threat of violence to channel all their sexuality into a very specific form means they're deprived of a whole spectrum of fun things (for the absolute worst reasons too.) Straight girls can dance with each other, make out with each other, tell each other they're sexy and no one bats an eye because there's so little judgement involved in it that they're just not afraid of anything. People will still generally assume they're straight too.

    In many places, straight guys can't do that because there's so much judgement towards anything even slightly resembling male homosexuality. They think only the gayest gay would ever dance with another man publicly because he's just too gay to help it and if he was any less gay he'd know how wrong it is and he'd know he's supposed to avoid aligning himself with such things. Meanwhile, without the judgement it would be totally fun and it would actually turn girls on.

    Super awful. Good thing there are better places in the world.
  19. I dunno about you guys but I dance with my group of guy friends all the time. It's not like we're grinding up on each other and shit but we just get in a group/circle or whatever and just have fun.

    It's boring being those creepers who stand on the outside of the dance floor staring at all the girls dancing together. This isn't middle school, folks.

    And guess what? Even though we're a group of guys dancing, girls give US the attention. We don't even need to go up to them because they see us as a group of good friends just trying to have fun. Pussy is not our main priority, having a good time is (if any of us happen to get a girl, that's just an added bonus).

    Girls recognize that and are more willing to dance with you if they see you just having a good time with your buddies. So that group of girls that you guys are hating on for dancing with each other, usually tend to dance with us since they know our intentions before even getting close to them.

  20. LOL Dude I thought you were a girl the whole time. I like the "I fight for the users" thing under the picture though. But anyway, yeah i agree with you dancing in as a group of dudes is chill as fuck. I was just thinking when ever I see girls dancing together it looks so damn sexual ya know? Damn I guess i have to stop putting pussy on the top shelf. Dude you have a great mindset. Ima rep that.

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