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Why do eyes get red? [friends theory]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by purplemudkip, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. So I was talking to my friend Adam the other day. He and I have a friend who is notorious among our circle for having eyes red like the devil's dick every single time we smoke.

    Adam: do you know why eyes get red when we smoke?
    Me: yeah, I read it somewhere a while back. Like something about blood vessels dilating and shit.
    Adam: ooh yeah I know the physiological reason why. But do you know why it happens?
    Me: um. enlighten me
    Adam: it's based on how self conscious you are. Kyle dawg is very self conscious, if you haven't noticed
    Me: oh of course he is
    Adam: People who aren't as self conscious, I've noticed, don't get red eyes as often.
    Me: that makes sense. I can't offer any insight about myself because I always put drops in before smoking.

    your thoughts? does Adam have any validity? or is he just silly?
  2. Yeah that makes no sense. Being self consious does not give you red eyes lol. It is the blood vessel thing. That is why they reccomend it for glycoma patients.
  3. Because there's a large increase of blood flow within the eyes, causing veins to become swelled. Leaving your eyes red, unless, you put in eye drops and retract the swelling.

  4. Pretty much this. It's a vasodilator, which causes the blood vessels in your eye to dilate (expand).
  5. alot of peoples eyes get red because the smoke gets to them. its the irritation.
  6. In a non scientific term, I put it like this.
    If you're sitting there milking the bong, or cheifin' the j, when you take a big hit, your eyes start to get all watery and irritated. I feel like if you keep taking big ass hits, your eyes will remain red.
  7. Yeah a few people have said it already but the smoke causes irritation in the eyes, I'm not sure about the blood flow but it's possible.
  8. just wondering but like different strains do diff things to my eyes one of the sativa strains i had gave my really glazed eyes almost blue looking and like almost like black eyes after but not vainy and the indica i have now makes my eyes blood red and vainy but no baggy eyes/black eye any reason why they have different effects?
  9. no. just no. you were right the first time with the blood vessels.

    my eyes stoped getting red.
  10. Sounds plausible, but then surely you would get red eye off cigarette smoke?
  11. Weed dilates blood vessels I believe, reason why its good for gluacoma to ease pressure near the eyes. If your eyes get red or not really depends on the person/tolerance more than self conscious IMO ha
  12. Adam is silly
  13. I always thought it was from the weed dehydrating you. I always figured it was your eyes getting all dried up and red, just like how you get cotton mouth.
  14. when i eat edibles my eyes still get very very red
  15. self conscious lol thats stoner babble
  16. yeah, my eye's hardly ever get red anymore unless it's some kind of FIRE or I'm drinking as well as smoking. When I first started smoking they would look like this
    :mad: :mad:
  17. Thanks guys. It was kind of a confirmation thing because Adam is really smart, but he also says some wacky things sometimes.

    FYI smoke irritation DOES NOT CAUSE RED EYES. I've gotten red eyes from:
    - vaporizing
    - edibles
    - single bong hits blown out the window
  18. um ur high bro
  19. This.*official-anti-blunt-movement*.html
  20. I think mary is understanding enough that there's certain people with badges and blue uniforms that wouldn't like to see red eyes.

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