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Why do edibles not affect me?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by EasyAce, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. I get high pretty easily smoking, but edibles don't seem to affect me all that much. I took 3 grams of bubble hash, melted it in a cup of milk a butter and downed it, i didnt feel anything for the next 2 hours, and was a bit light headed when i woke up the next morning.

    The other day i had lots of those rice krispies and popcorn with cannabutter, including a big ass muffin. everyone else got high but not me, might there be an explanation to this?
  2. Idk man the same thing with me.

    I have tried firecrackers on a few occasions, cannaoil, and cannabutter and only got barely high once with firecrackers and slightly with the oil but hardly enough to notice.

    Idk if i should use more and try again though or not cuz i dont like wasting herb but no school tomorrrow, would be a great opportunity to cook some up
  3. have you tried a cheeba chew or hash oil honey stick? If those don't work then I don't know.
  4. ive tried both brownies and firecrackers twice with the average gram dose but..nothing. I hear some people have a natural high tolerance to edibles and that it can take 3-4 times the dose to feel the same thing. sucks for us
  5. Some people aren't affected by edibles because of the way the body breaks down the THC. Because you ingest it, it's broken down in a different way than smoking it. To put it simply, edibles depend on your digestive system. Your body just might not break down the THC like most do. It's common, so sorry bud, but if it doesn't affect you, stick to smoking.

    If you want to have edibles because of health worries caused by smoke, you can always vape. Hope I've been a help.
  6. I ate a quad dose indica one it got me pretty high! :hello: made smoking weed even more enjoyable!
  7. Firecrackers have never worked for me

    But the few times I've gone all out and made proper Cannabutter

    I got nice and high, although not as high as I thought I would..
  8. alright im gna try the recipes mentioned and see if anything happens, ill keep posted
  9. Im one of those people that has a hard time getting anything from edibles... One time in my life I had a strong truffle that got me mega mega high ... Ive tried to find that same high ever since....

    I make my butter so strong , that Ive had friends tell me they got sick off 2 cookies.... I can eat a dozen and not feel anything.....

    I gave up on making butter , because I ended up just baking for my friends... because they didnt do anything for me....

    I do have plans to make my strongest batch of butter ever , using mostly hash.. so we shall see if that does that trick....

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