Why do dogs like sunbathing so much?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Mr.Grey420, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Ive been studying a specimen of the canine variety of earth animals. The subject is a small cocker spaniel and poodle mix. Attitude is friendly and playful when others are in the room. When alone, all this dog does is bathe in the sun. Is there any particular reason why?

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  2. Species interaction withdrawal.
  3. I can't even get past the concept of the implied specimen reaching, making contact & entering "the sun" in order to do so. I would first want to know HOW.
  4. what i mean is the dog lays in the spot of sunlight on the floor coming in through the window.

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    Is that dog "sirius"?!? Probably just another dog day.
  6. Foxes do it aswell. They will lie on the pavement and on roofs in direct sunlight. They do it same reason we do prolly. It feels good.

    You have to be carefull though if its your dog, make sure there shade &plenty water. Seen a dog drop dead with heat stroke & it wasnt even in sun that long.

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  7. i provide adequate amenities to all my subjects and ensure they are well taken care of

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  8. i thought you knew everything grey haha jk
    Yea my basset will go outside when she wakes up in the morning and takes a nap in the sun....maybe it has something to do with vitamens and nutrients coming off the sun?
    Maybe because the sunbeam is hot?
    I wonder that also sometimes
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    who cares... they are awesome.

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  10. As soon as it hits 70 here mine are laying out in the sun. It's impossible to get my little one to come in the house!
  11. Well.. Sunlight is known as the Giver of Life.
    If you are really from Zeta you would know the benefits of a star beyond physical limitations :)

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