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WHY do different strains have different effects!?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by qed, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Okay, I consider myself a "seasoned toker." I smoke frequently, and have sampled many great strains of good ol' mary jane. Sativa's, indicas, headrush, body highs... you name it, I've smoked it.

    So I realize that different strains do different things. I just don't get it from a chemical perspective. All weed, indica or sativa, is getting us high by activating our cannabinoid receptors with THC, right? so what's all this other shit?

    why do some things make us feel like we can't move (trainwreck) while others make us want to go and play competitive ping pong (sour diesel)?

    i hope someone here knows the answer, because i've always wondered...
  2. I cant answer your questions but that line put on my loller skates :smoking:
  3. it's the ratio of the cannabinoids to each other

    most people only look at the % of thc, cbd and cbn but there are at least 66 cannabinoids
    and it's not known yet how many of them have an affect on the user's experience.

    I predict after legalization there'll be ton of work done on this and some incredible strains
    created with suptle differences in the ratio of their cannabinoids :hello:
  4. Thanks! :D

    This is exactly the answer that I was looking for!

    you rule.

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