Why do coffee and cigarettes go together so well?

Discussion in 'General' started by DankestKush, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. +wake and bake

    who knows....just so comforting
  2. coffee + cigarettes = great laxative in the mornings.

    sad, but true.
  3. Coffee was invented by a smoker that wanted to stay awake so he could smoke more.
  4. cuz caffeine increases the rate which nicotine is metabolized so you crave it more making it feel better

    i think.
  5. Because if you're going to have funky ass coffee breath, you might as well up the ante with cigarette breath as well.

    And vice versa.
  6. "To me, a cigarette is food. I live my life smoking these things, and drinking the ‘black water’ in this cup here." - Frank Zappa
  7. Psychological association in my opinion.

    Both are widely used + legal, both are not exactly great for your health.

    And Coffee and ciggarettes have both been heavily pushed to be accepted through television.

    But I've never had them both together
  8. "I've got plenty of java and Chesterfield Kings" - Donald Fagen, "The Nightfly"
  9. Nail on the head. Caffeine boosts your metabolism which increases the speed of the enzymes that break things down in your system...the same can basically be said about nicotine seeing as how it alone thins your blood which makes you more susceptible to other chemicals. its a complicated proccess.

    You shouldnt smoke cigarettes though....they're oh soooo bad for you. keep it green folks:bongin:
  10. i dont know but when i wake up first thing i want is a cig and a cup of coffee. Its been my everyday breakfast for like the last 8 years. If i dont have my coffee and cig when i get up i just wont feel right all day.
  11. Coffee + Cigarettes = Heaven.

    Take fucking 10 or 20 years off my life, it is oh so worth it.
  12. Well both ways are good to start off your day with anyway, but together it's a celebration
  13. Dude it make that morning shit sooooooooo much smoother..hahahaha....
  14. Coffee and cigarrettes go together so well because, caffeine and nicotine are like brothers. They are both stimulants, but they effect different parts of your body; while coffee effects more yiur body giving you energy, nicotine effects more your brain. Giving you more focus.
  15. wow weedandbombs was in this thread. and i dont know i dont drink coffee and i dont smoke cigarettes
  16. Ive tried both before and coming from a light cig smoker

    Coffee and cigs are fkn great for mornings packed with errands and work

    But nothing beats waking up at 7am and going outside smoking a fat J in the chilly wheather downing a green tea arizona while breakfast is being made as im getting high :smoking:
  17. Coffee and weed is good imo;

    ha just realized this thread is a dinosaur.
  18. Not sure, but I never question it..I just enjoy. :smoke:
  19. Dunno, but when I smoked cigs (quit in '99) first cig in morning was the best, next best was when I had coffee made.

    For some reason, when I was drinking booze it didn't make me smoke more, like it does with most people.

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