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why do Americans??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. why do Americans, well most of all the ones i've know, write down the day/month/year, the other way round, for example the 28/06/03 is todays date, but in America it seems to be commonly done like 06/28/03, why is that? there a reason behind it, or is that just the way it is?.........just curious...........Peace out.........Sid
  2. It's the way I was taught to write it in school. You write June 28, 2003. 6/28/03 is a shortened version of that in the same order. I can understand why you'd want to do it your way, but I like it this way.
  3. well tnx for answering my question, you's are taught it from school, the same as me......but here, we say it's 28th of June guess it gets the point across, but sometimes it annoys me, when i fill in online forms, and they ask dates to be entered, and then i hit reply, and it comes up that the dates are wrong.......but they arn't, just the way they do it is diffrent from me................Peace out.........Sid
  4. lol, because we have to be different, that is all ;)

  5. 101 how-to-be Communist!

    :) gogo
  6. i think the english way is more logical InferiorWang

    14/08/2003 for example reads as 14th of the 8th 2003

    it's just the way you're taught though eh?

    like if you were taught from an early age that poo is part of a balanced diet, then you'd think it was the normal thing to do right?
  7. translating from one to the other hurts my brain. 'tis confusing.
  8. amen to that moogle.
  9. one other thing about american lingo...

    cell phones, why cell ??? mobile is a bit more informative

    please enlighten us oh random resident
  10. thats the way myself and other americans do it, just cus we were tought to do it that way, and other ppl from other countries that do it that way make it confusing hehe..anyway..oh yea cell phones..i duno, its just the most common lingo for phone is more of the technical wording..cell is the slang everyday use, its all good
  11. it's called a "cell" phone because it's battery powered, and the correct term for a single battery is actually (you guessed it) a "cell".

    there's your interesting fact for today :)
  12. lol ganjamom

    i'd love a mum as spaced out as you :p
  13. whats funny is a job i had a while back we ended up havin to do some paper work from the london offices and all the dates on their papers were all weird like 28/06/03 , the whole department sat around for about a half hour wondering why people from other countries do it like that, thats so stupid.

    You guys think we are weird for the way we do it and we think you guys are weird for the way you do it.

  14. thats how i write it too:)
  15. As for the date, it's because us dumb redneck americans are bass-ackwards mofos with our heads up our smelly asses. Prolly cause if we did it the other way around we would be like everyone else. The US military (at least internally) uses the DD/MM/YYYY format.

    As for cellphones, it has to do with the singal strength of the frequencies used. Signal propogation is limited to a radius of x amount of miles over level terrain, and less if the terrain is irregualr, therefore there is a need for a "cellular" grid of reperaters and digipeaters which are called "cellsites"

    Cellsites are arranged in a grid with overlapping coverage bubbles in metro areas and less in rural areas. This is why cellphones are not legal to use in aircraft because there is no way to currently handshake the ESN and NAM info with the AoID over the multiples of cellstes that a signal from an aircraft will reach. The cellular structure also allows for the coordiante position of any cellphone user whose ESN or NAM is known down to within a few hunderd feet radius. In that respect it works like LORAN C on a lower wattage but in reverse, where the stations can track the mobile unit. The reason the optimum number of cellsites overlapping is 3 so that accurate coordinate info can be obtained on a cellphone user that the gov't or corporation wishes to track for surveillance purposes.

    Cell sites are the antennas you see that have 3 sides which point outward radially in a triangle, This provides additional directional information to the switching software to interrogate multiple cellsites in the direction of travel of the user in order to handshake and subsequently hand off the call to the appropriate cellsites. There's a lot of technical data that i won't go into now,,,,,,,

    Wait a damn minute, WTF am i talking about? This is grassicity and you are prolly all too stoned to care about the cellular infrastructure grid layout.

    Wasn't this question about the date anyways?

  16. I think that's like comparing apples and oranges. We were taught a different order, but the same concept.

    And I thought cell simply came from cellular which described the zones of service. Think of the area that surrounds each service tower as a cell.
  17. humm...i dont even know why its that way.. usualy i just write out the words n stuff cause i cant remember which way it goes... im a dumb stoner, im the sterotypical pot head.. sorry for all you smart stoners, i make you look bad!!

  18. perhaps it is more logical, i won't argue with that, but if we wrote 14/08/2003, then people all over the place would be all "uh, there aren't 14 months in the year." since pretty much everyone would say that before cluing into what it actually says, it's easier just to do it like everyone else...saves time and energy.
  19. Is it just me or is TooSickS not stoned enough? Very informative but noone is going to remember :smoking:
  20. Nope, not Snoop Dogg my nizzle. The guy in the av is actually Jahred from (hed). And I didn't even read TooSicks's post before I posted my cellular thing. It was too much info and I was stoned.

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