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Why do Americans seem to always smoke pure joints?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dully, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Being from the uk we almost all the time mix half a cigarette in our joints to help it burn better/more even and stay lit but I see in America you just roll pure joints anytime I roll a pure joint it just goes out after 3 mins and it usually side burns too
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  2. i'm not american, but why degrade excellent pot with tobacco?
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  3. Maybe you just have bad weed/ can’t roll. My joints are more like cigarettes. I even add filters to em. Smooth.

    I’m not a fan of zig zag rolling papers though, so I can see where you’re coming from on the bacca/ herb rolls.
  4. It's just a preference thing, likely influenced mostly by the people around whom you smoke with. Trends and shit I suppose too. I loved me some hash and tobacco and tobacco mixed with flower as well but for sure growing up east coast of the USA most I smoked with did not appreciate the tobacco in my joints. Maybe they liked the taste more of the cannabis and thought the tobacco changed it too much? Shit, most couldn't even roll a proper spliff so maybe would barely notice the burn rate at all... perhaps even less people I smoked with used tobacco then. The one thing that I never understood was the prevalence of BLUNTS. It is the worst tobacco usually and the most odorous manner of smoking. People don't even realize how much nicotine they are smoking in blunts. One friend of mine did not believe he was even addicted from his 10 to 15 a day blunt smoking. I do get the ritual and all that, same with any habit, but damn man you have to be seriously dedicated to smoke blunts as your ONLY way of chiefing.

    Sorry to ramble ramble.
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  5. there is tobacco in blunts if u take the tobacco out?
  6. For sure the outer leaf is still tobacco.

    Garcia Vega, Phillies and Backwoods, blech.

    Some remove the "cancer paper" the heavily processed part from the inside of certain cigars but it still some nasty shit to me, hahaha.
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  7. Oh and allll the "blunt wraps" that are pre hollowed are pretty much ONLY that processed garbage, BUT FLAVORED!
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  8. Damn you started a seasoned tokers thread. Im in doubt of your status.
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  9. #9 Deleted member 699232, Aug 23, 2019
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    It’s a very elaborate web of lies.
  10. there needs to be no doubt. only a seasoned pot head can make the stoned posts i make!
  11. Dude i been smoking weed 16 years all day everyday jeffersong808
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  12. Almost everyone on this forum has put you on blast, dude. Get real.
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  13. Because a lot of us Americans don't smoke tobacco. So why would we put tobacco in our joints if we aren't about that tobacco smoke. I don't mind tobacco in a joint but I feel like if you mix tobacco in your joints then you gotta smoke more to get high...
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  14. no need to doubt if i am seasoned stoner or not. just look at my stoned posts! right now i have the luxury to smoke and hike play sports all day long. i have no obligations for next 3 months and all bills pre paid! :jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::jump:
  15. How old are you?

    Think carefully before you answer...
  16. I should add a bunch of people I was hanging with were quite generous and adhered to all the necessary "weed etiquette" you would expect from hippy types. Some were total cunts though, stingy as fuck and would gripe about adding to a session or throwing some loot in for a bag. You can imagine. So those were not ones to appreciate the rolled manner of smoking just due to the perceived waste, whether warranted or not. Pipes or gravity bongs would be preferred for those types and they would be all, you know 70% goes to the wind every time you burn one.

    SOME I had the delight of smoking with straight up wanted to be gangsters or rather really idolized that type of violent lifestyle and that would lead to being blazed then all of a sudden beat downs were happening because ____ got the L too wet or held on to it like it was a muthafuckin microphone or some shit. They liked to smoke blunts a lot of them.

    Not much fun, that.
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  17. So maybe also in a way being economical was key as well. If you were desperate enough to use Bible paper or a soda or beer can to smoke you also were not adding tobacco, haha.
  18. I've never used book paper for rolling but I have used the casing of a slim Jim and i have smoked out of cans...
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  19. i was born a little over 8 months ago. :jump::jump::jump::jump::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  20. You've lost the plot go have a bowl yall. Im done for the day. Lol peace jg808.

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