Why Do A Lot of Writers & Musicians Smoke Cigarettes?

Discussion in 'General' started by PostPunk420, May 1, 2008.

  1. Why do a lot of writers and musicians smoke cigarettes?
  2. Stress. Unfathomable, breathing down your neck stress.

    Not to mention, a one way ticket to flavor country!
  3. That, and usually some sort of a death wish, but in a very odd sense. Or even a wish to have some control over your own desinty.

    And it looks cool...?

  4. Because a lot of writers & musicians are posers.

    No, I dunno....em....they're all really stressed out?

    Good question...I'm stumped! :D

  5. because they're addicted
  6. its something else to do while writing, and it helps concentration like any other unconscious habbit...like chewing gum

    so its basically just something to do while thinking and keeps your mind on track....at least with the bubble gum;)
  7. Because contrary to popular belief, creating art, literature, and music does not come easy. Creating something of actual relevance and substance is often an intensive struggle, and can inadvertently create a lot of stress. Some even go as far as to say that any good artist must suffer.
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  8. Exactly.

    Anyway, cigerettes only relieve stress when you're hooked and need your fix. Theres nothing inherently soothing in the act of smoking.

    My response would be:

    Because your stereotype of an artist is telling you a lot of artists smoke, when in actual fact probably the same percent of artists smoke as in the population as a whole.
  9. Because artists like to be intoxicated in one way or another. Perception is everything in their line of work.
  10. To meet chicks.
  11. Nicotinic receptors in the brain. Nicotine helps to stimulate the neuro-muscular junction. It also helps to stimulate awareness and short term memory function.

    In case you were wondering why its so hard to quit, and why smoking is common among doctors and intellectuals despite the cancer risk.

    It's enough to make me have a nicotine craving right now, and I quit 15 years ago.
  12. Because they can.
  13. Well said.

    As for the guy who says cigs dont relieve stress unless you're addicted thats not true.

    I smoke maybe 3 cigs a week, and I do find it to be very relaxing when I do. I love being outside at night just watching the stars and it gives me something to do while sitting there, instead of twiddling my thumbs.

    I consider myself a musician, but I can assure you, I dont smoke cigs just to "be cool" or fulfill the stereotype put forth by movies and TV that we all smoke.
  14. smoking has always been an intellectual activity. historically, the smoking of tobacco to the smoking of fine herb was done by someone with at least enough knowledge to identify usable plants, usable parts of plants, and proper preparation of herb to make it smokable. my guess is this is primarily because the psychoactive effects smoking of certain substances has on the mind puts one in a adjacent state of mind to normal states of conciousness. This juxtaposition in the mind creates friction between the two experienced states, allowing for interesting thoughts, feelings, and perceptions to be formed. These effects could easy be seen as going hand in hand with the goals desired by writers and musicians. Since smoking weed is illegal and cigarettes are legal and highly addictive, it makes sense that writers and musicians would utilize cigarettes to help create desirable states of mind for the creative process.
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  15. i write and play music, and smoke.
    stress, maybe. i like the taste of tobacco.

    i started smoking because i like to smoke when drunk.
  16. :laughing::laughing:

    Not to mention, most good writers have a problem with alcoholism as well.
  17. Because they've just finished toking a mad bowl to the dome of some 818 Kush. :)
  18. Helps pass the time too.
  19. im an aspiring musician, I play 3 intruments and strive to be great and smoke butts, I think i would still smoke if I wasnt a musician though
  20. Geesh a lot of people hate cigarettes. I don't like to smoke them either but people do not start smoking cigarettes because "they are addicted".

    People start smoking because it relaxes and stimulates the mind at the same time. Nicotine feels good. Sure after a long time they will surley be addicted but they probably just start smoking because it stimulates the mind and they think they can write better that way.

    But ya there are many out there who will just start smoking and writing because its what all the musicans do.:rolleyes:
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