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Why do a lot of people not get high the first time?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Misc, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Any theories? See poll.
  2. I have no idea, but I can confidently say I didn't get high my first time smoking (first 2-3 times actually if I recall correctly) - and I was definitely inhaling properly. Third or fourth time just hit me and I was absolutely gone beyond belief.

    Kind of curious as to why this happens as well.
  3. People have trouble inhaling I'm guessing. Though I have a friend who has blazed 5 times, occurs to have been inhaling and still has never been high. :/
  4. I think some people don't keep in the smoke long enough, or they just won't inhale right.
  5. I most definetly inhaled properly my first time, barely felt it. Second time though, I'm pretty sure a truck hit me.
  6. I wasn't really high my first time, I only felt the munchies the first time and I was inhaling right. It wasn't until my third time that I got really blown. Perhaps for some people it takes a while for people to recognize they're high.
  7. i got blowed 1st time i smoked.
  8. For me it was because we were all noobs so we didn't know how to roll a joint tight and we didn't break down the weed so our joint was burning like crap and giving bad hits.
  9. Because Mary Jane has to get to know you first before she blows your mind.
  10. i got baked my first time. four hits of some dank ass afghan kush. took some pretty big hits too. i guess i was trying to "show off" or something :/

    99% of the time its inproper inhaling. when i did those four hits, i inhaled till i felt my lungs were pretty much full, held em for over 5 seconds, and thats what got me going. ive honestly never been around anyone else for their first time so im not sure how it goes with most other people. i assume people inhale and blow out right away
  11. I'm pretty sure I remember reading that there's a membrane over the cannabinoid receptors in your brain that must be broken in order for THC and other cannabinoids to bind properly to the receptors.

    This would make sense because the THC wouldn't bind properly and get you high until the membrane is broken after smoking a few times.

    Just some food for thought :smoke:
  12. Marijuana Research: Becker -- Becoming a Marijuana User

  13. Because they are NOT focused on the ~HIGH~....
  14. I smoked 3 bowls out of a bong my first time. So I was shot. Lol.
  15. its just that they dont know how to smoke. it sounds weird once you know what your doing but it really is that they are not doing it right.
  16. Inhaled as much as possible and got quite intoxicated off that highlighter bowl.
    Ahhh, nostalgia.
  17. I was high the first time I smoked but I think there's like a THC barrier in your brain that you have to break through first and once you smash through that barrier than you can get high.

    It's like at first you body is like woaaah woah who's this weed fellow runnin up onto my lawn and shit I dun know this boy. Then your body feels it and it's like aight you know.. this aint so bad.. this kids actually pretty chill I'm let THC in and see what he's all about. Then you get to feel it and your body is like DAMN! Come back ANY time hombre! And from then on... you can get high.
  18. I got a "buzz" my first time. The second experience was MUCH better.
  19. I got high as hell but I smoked a lot my first time. I think that's all takes your first time you need to simply smoke more. Till you get too high and forget what your doing.

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