Why do a lot of people dislike Lil Wayne?

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  1. he'll be a GOAT to swaggots who know nothing about hip hop. most gold era rappers have no respect for him and his blatant faggotry.
    at least you admit his lyrics are mediocre though.

    Pac and BIG are different. They weren't super lyrical, but they had a message in their songs. Wayne doesn't have that. He has random ass similes and metaphors that mean absolutely nothing.
  3. what meaning did biggie have? and for you not to think either of them were lyrical.. definitely bad taste.
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    I said they weren't super lyrical. They weren't doing the multi's, and having bars that you need a thesaurus and rapgenius to figure out. When I say meaning, I mean the whole song would be cohesive and have a point to get across. Not necessarily some kumbuya, we are the world shit. Listen to "Ten Crack Commandments" and show me a Lil Wayne equivalent. I'll be waiting.
  5. and half of them are retarded and completely wrong. he'll make a reference to someone when the reference has nothing to do with the person who's name he used. or that "real g's move in silence like lasagna" line. sorry but the g in lasagna isnt silent. if you think it is you need to go back to grade school.  
  6. uhm i've heard ten crack commandments a dozen times. biggie is my top 5 no doubt. wayne isnt in my top 5 lets get that clear. not even my top 20. and here.
    i just dont see why niggas hate!
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    Don't really hate on the dude, I heard he's an articulate person but the industry tends to be very demanding. They'll give you orders to follow and if you don't follow them, they'll drop you from the label. He does got some sick shit, nowadays he just doesn't put any effort or creativity. 
  8. Wait. Wait. Wait.
    How can you say Wayne isn't in your top 5 and you called him a GOAT 10 minutes ago? Do you know what GOAT stands for?
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  10. he is gonna go down at a GOAT. if you dont see the impact he's made then where the fuck you been? i dislike jayz but we both can agree he's gonna be a GOAT. 
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    Wayne is a good rapper.  He just has nothing valuable to talk about that's why people hate him.  To me most hip hop heads are kinda ignorant to some of these post 2000 rappers even though wayne came out in the late 90s.  Even Drake is a nice rapper it's just  their personas that lead people to hate them.
    And about Pac & Big.  They rhymed about the same shit wayne does.  No difference at all besides their styles.  Even though pac did have messages in his song he still was saying some greasy shit about niggas and kinda shook up the rap industry with his beefs. 
  12. No it's the fact they lack skills, talk about the same thing over and over, and have no substance. all of lil wayne's songs are essentially the same just a new beat and lyrics reworded...his subject matter never changes. in order to gain my respect an artist has to be versatile and have more than a third grade level vocabulary.
  13. you're the top hater. this is what. your 5th post just posting negativity on a rapper? gtfoh 
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    as a human being, based on interviews i have seen of him, he seems like a pretty cool guy....as far as music goes, he sucks ass....almost all, if not all of his songs he uses autotune, he raps about the same same stuff all the time, which has no underlying meaning...not that it has to though....he is also a poser blood, the head of the bloods gang, even came out and said wayne is not a blood....i honestly have to look at the rap game, as soley an entertainment buisness nowadays, there are so many fake rappers, that rap about stuff they aren't, or do. granted a lot of them do have all the cars and money they flaunt, but i seriously doubt they still supposively sell drugs...maybe use them, but definately not sell them...why would they at that point?
    i actually like some of his songs, just the beat on it though, not the lyrics, or raps on them
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    And a Honda does the same shit a Rolls Royce does. No difference at all besides their styles.
    You wouldn't call a Honda a GOAT because a lot of people bought one.
  16. Damn right I'm the top hater. I hate what this herb has done to the culture i grew up on. When I was growing up emcees took pride in finding their own original sound and style, now days if you want to gain any mainstream attention you just have to copy what the next guy is doing. That is NOT what hip hop is supposed to be about. Hip Hop was always about being your INDIVIDUAL self NOT following the trend of what's "hot".
  17. i kinda like this. ahaha gotta point.
  18. It takes some sort of skill to be consistent has wayne been these past years.  When wayne blew up in 04 with fire man and go dj that's when the south took over mainstream rap.  When rap was at it's lowest point with so many one hit wonders wayne stood out and is still here.  That takes some sort of talent.  His mixtapes are solid and wayne when he was with the hot boyz was on some other shit.  Rap always been like this.  The party rapper who may not be super talented but he rocks the crowd.  That Busy Bee Starski type shit.
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    you do realize wayne sets trends right. people follow his style his sound. for fuck sakes the guy raps high off unmentionables and still sells out. (Edit) Crowds
  20. cause he aint got no brayne 

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