Why do a lot of people dislike Lil Wayne?

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  1. Because there is no substance to his lyrics

    if you're trying to imply i dont know hip hop then thats a pretty sad little jab you had to get in there at the end :laughing:
    The difference is, its every line with little wayne.
    Lets take a look, shall we?
    I could go on with more songs from dedication 4 that are just like this but im already bored of listening to this generic shit 
  3. I don't hate him I just feel like he used to be really good but now he's just so awful and it makes me sort of sad now like listen to something good of his from 04-08 and listen to some of his shit now and it's such a huge decline
  4. Ok dedication was weak. Doesn't give anyone reason to hate someone though!
  5. I'm not allowed to have an opinion? Compared to other rappers, he is weaker than toilet paper at the moment, and wouldnt stand up to any rapper in a comparison, except maybe like hopsin or some other lame rappers who fit into his preschool skill bracket.
  6. you think hopsin is whack? ok we agree on something.
  7. Lil Wayne is great
    & haters gonna hate.

    Yolo niggas, yolo

  8. i still believe if wayne died today he'd be considered one of the GOAT no matter what you say.
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    and if you think this is whack you clearly have one dimensional taste in hiphop
  10. all im getting out of this thread is OP saying you're a hater if you dont like something. that is retarded logic. people have opinions and not liking a rapper doesnt make someone a hater.
  11. Lil Wayne is an incredible rapper, people don't realize if you spend all your money buying their music on iTunes, and if you're really cool, at the record store, they're going to become a douchebag you don't like because they're rich, and there will always be someone willing to listen to their douchebag voice. Rappers rap about their lifestyles in a way that really highlights the luxurious subjects, stuff they're proud about, and that's when the bond to their audience starts slipping because the artist is moving further and further away from the same lifestyle as their audience, and since the artists rap is influenced by their own lifestyle, the audience can't relate as much as they used to. That's when the people that don't delve too deep into music hear their hits and eat them up because they literally don't know any better; groups like ymcmb and mmg are blaring beside you at every other red light. Lil Wayne was a great rapper, and he still is considering he freestyles all his songs and makes multiple songs a day. He's just developed this "I can do anything I want and people will still buy my shit" attitude because he's been dominating the game for so long, and people have praised him for so long. If you want good music don't turn your favorite artists into assholes by using your allowance on an iTunes card and buying their stuff
  12. Because he is simply a "musician" not a musician. And by that i mean he writes childish rhymes then puts them over a digitally produced shitty sounding beat. Maybe if he wrote bass lines to his music on a bass guitar than i would atleast respect him
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bnZEvjjwGw


  14. He plays guitar on a lot of his tracks
  15. Another reason I don't like Lil Wayne.. he tried to play the guitar. The worst part is he thinks that he is good! Fuck that, I have been studying music theory for my whole life to properly play the thing. He just plays a few notes that somebody showed him and calls it music and all his fans go wild for it. And forget his nonsense lyrics, they are just garbage. He is just like that annoying rich kid from high school who always wants you to look at his stuff and see how rich he is lol.
    All in all he is just in it for the money and could care less about what he does to make it, and as a musician I cannot respect that at all. There is a difference between making good music and surviving off of it then producing a pile of shit and making millions. :mad:
  16. because his lyrics are trash and about 75% of his lyrics are irrelevant to the whole song. and make no sense. he's been riding that style for too long and now people see it.
  17. he also is very disrespectful IMO with some of his lyrics, like the Emit Till line. and him walking on the american flag during a video shoot. like you just don't do that shit.
  18. This...
  19. Here's the funny about lil Wayne, he literally does not give a fuck about what anyone thinks of him or the decisions he makes. He's a made man who will never have to worry about anything ever again except his daughter and his crippling syrup addiction. He can do whatever he wants for the rest of his life, so why is he going to care about how people rank him as a guitar player, he's gonna play it in his songs because a) it's fun b) people still buy his shit whether his guitar playing sucks, or the whole production itself sucks
  20. And I'm not trying to be rude with that doesn't give a fuck comment, watch his biography it's pretty funny

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