Why do a lot of people dislike Lil Wayne?

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  1. cause for every one song that he goes in on hes got 20 that blow dick

  2. Fuckin' the world and I ain't cummin' yet.
  3. He promotes prescription drugs and purple drank to whoever listens to him, which in some cases is 12-15 year old kids. He also uses the most vulgar sexual language. I just think the only difference between him and a crazy bum on the street is a record company connection
    And listen to shit like lil wayne???
    I'd rather jam a dick in each ear.
    hahaha, that's as far as I made it before I turned it off.
  6. Because he has a complete lack of talent in whatever you call that stuff he records.  I wouldn't call it hip hop and I don't think music is even justifiable.  I really fail to understand how so many can listen to meaningless lyrics about shit drugs, meaningless sex, money, and killing.  He represents this country's separation from all its core values.  Come on everybody lets celebrate good instead of hate and inflation of the ego.  Heres some quality Hip Hop.
    "Holding iron, blowing smoke, elope in fire, flame spitting
    The game is just a way to escape
    And our pain is just a way we can relate to folks crying

    Finding ways I can make a difference
    But fuck wishing on a star
    Cause the percentage of getting what you envisioned is small
    And the stars barely shine in the city, so we're blinded

    By the man-made bright lights, making my eyes shifty
    Feel me out, hear me now, crying childs of the ghetto
    Lettin go a beautiful sound, it's kinda falsetto

    Hello hell, welcome to L.A. where devils that dwell play
    They meddle with metal and letting every shell spray
    Until day dawns, I make songs for the long road travelers"
  7. My problem with him is that he is talented and surprisingly intelligent and articulate, he just knows that he could literally drool on a microphone and sell albums by the millions. Dude just doesn't give a shit on so many songs. 
  8. really? lol how did you come to that conclusion 
    I used to think he was some slow talking imbecile. Listening to his interviews (he's still has the talking speed of molasses) but he's more intelligent than I gave him credit for.
    Then he goes and creates a song like Knockout with Nicki Minaj which negates everything I said above lol.
  10. He has terrible lyrics. There is no meaning behind any of the words, just pussy, money, weed, nigga this nigga that.
    He has a terrible delivery. Almost every line is the same laborious drawl. Its actually surprising that you can understand him so well.
    And I personally cant stand his voice. He sounds like a nasally lil bitch.
    Then the beats. So obnoxious and repetitive.
    He thinks he is better than 2Pac, so compare.
    Then compare him to people like Big L, Guru, Rakim, KRS-1, etc, etc. Then you will see why Lil Wayne is a complete arrogant blight on the hip-hop world.
  11. he's from the south, we talk slow but it doesnt mean we're dumb.
    I hate that I basically just defended him, time for harakiri(not harikari or whatever one of those idiots blasted, wanna say it was nicki minaj or drake), I guess

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    I mean he has done some gay ass shit but at least im sure everyone has a wayne song they like lets be real man
  14. cash money records ruined hip hop....back in the day it was all about being original. now days everyone sounds the same and thinks they're dope if they can mimic the bullshit they hear on the radio.
  15. His old stuff was good up until carter 2 then it all went downhill from there, I still listen to his old stuff but that shit he's bringing out now isn't getting anywhere near my ipod
  16. cuz he has a high income for low quality
  17. Lil wayne is just awful. 
  18. I think it's mostly young kids who like him. They weren't around when older/now dead artists were. It's obvious that each new generation gets to decide for the majority what is and isn't popular. This generation has lil Wayne and they think he's great and most older people compare him to other artists and dismiss him.
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    Because he is pop rap, and just the things he says in everyday life and his exceedingly skinny appearance. If you have that much money and free time, eat and work the fuck out. Quit using nasty hard shit and eat. 

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