Why do a lot of people dislike Lil Wayne?

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  1. he's pretty good and i agree he is an elite when you think about it he changed the industry heavy

  2. Just seems desperate now since he sold out........
    Carter 2 was dope..
  3. I have a poster of lil wayne on my ceiling over my bed. He is dressed in g-string underwear. I love lil wayne.
  4. he's a fake bubblegum "rapper", he needs to go back to kissin his daddy and leave the scene to those that are actually good. I didnt get into rap to listen to money, clothes, and bitches, its supposed to be real shit, not this braggadocios bullshit that everyone is doing now.
  5. im sorry but how can you not respect this?
  6. Because hes not as good as he used to be. I like a lot of his songs, but thats just a fact.
    I also dont like him as a person (or who hes shown the public he is). 
  7. He says a lot of words but has nothing to say...
  8. I Just dont like his personality when he rhymes
    his raps just come off as arrogant.
  9. He's resembles a monkey with a mouthful of aluminium foil.
  10. He sounds like he's chewing on 10 dicks.
    You need to get some 90's hip hop into ya mate.
  11. he's like that guy that always has to tell you he's on something or stoned. "nigga im sooooo faded right now, i smoked weed, now i'm high"
    its like, cool man. am i supposed to be impressed by that?
    there's so many rappers out there who deserve the fame lil wayne has acquired 100x more then him.
    But the problem is, most people don't give a shit about music anymore and they like anything with a cool beat.
  12. He comes of as arrogant, stuck up his own arse, his lyrics aren't even written by him (as I've heard him say in many interviews), and the lyrics he spits don't make much sense and are mainly about drugs, women and clubs. He is an arsehole in reality, gets fucked up way too much when he has a kid to think of, has a fucking annoying voice, dresses like a girl, corporate sell-out, will say anything on a track if it gets him more money, rarely showcases lyrical skill.... I could go on. Much, much longer.
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    For every 5 awful punchlines, he has 1 which is just so creative. 
    I used to despise Lil Wayne like so many. I think the reason for that is, especially when you don't fit the typical profile of a hip-hop enthusiast, you're brainwashed by 'hardcore fans' or rappers from pre-2000 that rap music can only be 'real' lyrics; it can only be songs which show a plethora knowledge. 
    Wayne though (despite having some proper incredible tracks hidden away in his massive catalogue) took the game by storm, especially after releasing Lollipop, and became Marmite - you loved or hated him. He had to stay relevant and thus instantly dumbed down his lyrics. He had to do it to stay relevant. Even Eminem has done it but he gets a free pass by so many!
    The thing with Wayne is, like Kanye, he's not a great rapper - but he's an incredible artist. You know how you shouldn't judge someone's painted piece of art usually since it's special to them (usually) and there is no good or bad art? This in my opinion applies to music and especially to Wayne. Everything he talks about is actually real to him and represents what he is and his beliefs. 
    He popularised auto-tune a few years ago, in my opinion more-so than Kanye and T-Pain, so I even consider him a pioneer in that respect. 
    Note: I love his appearance on Eminem's "No Love". 
    Despite everything I just wrote which probably didn't make sense considering how high I am, I hate all his albums. It's only particular songs of his that I like.
    Listen to "I'm Me". Absurd lyrics but I love listening to it.
  14. Get outta the past mate
  15. I dislike him cos of his lyrical content, his delivery, his choice of beats, and his voice. Just does nothing for me, and id rather listen to other people. Whats he a pioneer of anyway? I dont get it
    I thought you were being sarcastic haha. I bet Rakim/Nas/DOOM et al all wish they came up with those lyrics first!
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    He fucking sucks giant BBC.
    Do you even need to ask why everyone hates him?
    Someday you will grow up and realize that is the stupidest fucking lyrics ever written
    "Blue skies, I see you with my red eyes, bust your fucking grape nigga"
    How have I never heard this before? This is some real lyrical shit right here, he goes hard in this track.  :rolleyes: :laughing:
  19. I prefer him from CMB with Juvenile and Big Tymers. his voice is annoying now and his songs are gay. just my opinion

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