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why didnt I get high off firecracker

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by retroh, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. last saturday me and my friends decided to make firecrackers. We used the sit out method and we wrap them up in tin foil till today which is about a week almost.

    fast forward to today I take them exactly at 8:03 am. 1 hour later I feel barely any effects. Just a weird twitch in my left arm. It is now 10:34. 2 in a half hours and I'm still not even high. I just feel some of the weed effects and twitch in my left arm that is getting stronger and stronger.

    also I did eat these on a complety empty stomach so maybe that's the reason?

    I did everything right to when I made them.
    .7 of white rhino
    Olive oil
    High fat peanut butter it had exactly 16gs
    people also said they waited 3 days and I waited 6 so I feel like it should be even better.

    Please leave responses on why you think there not working... I will keep updating this every 30 minutes to see if I feel anything.

    Also one more thing please don't tell me the sit out method dosent work. When it does. You don't need heat to make edibles thanks.
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    You most likely didn't use enough weed...also the empty stomach didn't help...I always eat a meal before an edible so I make sure my body doesn't burn part of the edible just to digest the rest

    Ahh and I just read you didn't cook....that ends it there, the no cook method CAN work but its never reliable or consistant...your just letting it sit there and hoping the thc is bonding, some of it may some of it may not...that's what not cooking will get you...

    Always cook your edibles so you don't waste the weed (well at least you can be more consistant with cooking and can pretty much always get em to work)
  3. You probably didn't use enough weed, but also, the sit out method is a hard method to master. Just decarb the weed. It might work better. Other than that, firecrackers don't really get you that high. Make cannabutter/cannaoil and make some cookies or brownies.
  4. ^^^^ umm iv smoked weed for the last eight years daily and large amounts and even considering all the unmentionables iv done, two single fire crackers got me the highest iv ever been in my life lol , took awhile to master the procedure this as all oven and methods are diff, Idk if it makes a difference but I like to cook them then leave out for a few days and they hella strong .25 on each side of cracker so eat two and a gram will have u toasted for atleast 4-5hrs and sometimes it has taken Almost three hrs to kick in.... But wen they do, u better buckle up n hold on lmaoo

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    You forgot to decarboxylate the bud.
    Here's more info:

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