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Why didnt Frodo and Sam just fly to Mordor?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by C. Majik, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Not sure if this has been posted before, but whats your opinion on the subject?

    Mine : Simply because the Eagles and the Lord of the Eagles was just as prone to falling to the ring's power as Gandalf might have been or any other character in Lord of the Rings (Boromir?). After all why didn't Gandalf himself dispose of the ring instead of leaving it to 2 very powerless and ordinary Hobbits?

    Please correct me if I am wrong in any of the above. Just my thoughts.
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    Eh what fun would that have been?

    I think the eagles were maiar, i dont think they were allowed to help without permission when it came to matters involving the other maiar ie: Sauron, Gandalf. I suppose the reason they were able to rescue Gandalf from Orthanc, would be that Saruman(also Maiar) broke the rules.
  3. Lol. I know, right? Well, there wouldn't be a story, then, I guess. Or maybe Gandolf wasn't a strong enough wizard at the beginning. He was Gandolf the grey and could only talk to butterflies, rather than giant hawks. Maybe. I dunno. Or maybe the hawks were like, "Fuck that shit. I'm not flying some goddamn, fruity ass hobbits into a giant volcano." and then they changed their minds or something. Ha.
  4. I understand that this wouldn't allow a good story, but my main concern is why Tolkien did not include in the text at least one obvious reason to shoot down the whole idea of taking the eagles to Mordor. Its like a gap in the story you know?
  5. There were eagles in the lord of the rings? hahaha, I cant remember anything about those movies, I should rewatch them.
  6. Why didn't they FLY?!?! Seriously??

    Becuase Hobbits DONT have wings. Jeez cmon man dont u know NETHING :cool:
  7. One does not simply fly into Mordor.
  8. I wouldnt try to fly into mordor on a giant eagle when there are these mofuckas flying around

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    Answer- JRR TOLKEIN was to stupid to recognize a massive, 3 book debilitating plot hole.
  10. the eagles didnt go into mordor until after the eye was destroyed right?
  11. No cos' they flew in and rescued gandalf.
  12. Better yet why didn't frodo wear a condom when he was with sam so he wouldn't get aids?
  13. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRcMVMeXPQ4"]YouTube - WKUK- Gandalf[/ame]
  14. Because the eagles could not get past the ring wraiths, they would've turned them into cornish game hens.

    Gandalf knew that the ring would corrupt him. When he saw Bilbo haul it around all that time without going nuts, he thought hobbits had some immunity.
  15. It's very simple: if eagles had just flown into Mordor, Sauron would have seen them no doubt. The eagles rescued them after the ring had already been destroyed. The ring would corrupt Gandalf, as the Hobbits are so pure and innocent blah blah blah... either way, awesome trilogy. :)

  16. Not if the hawks all had elf archers on them. There were like, at least, what, 1,000 hawks? Against at most a dozen ring wraiths? nahhh. They woulda fucked those nazguls shit right up and down especially if they each had fuckin' bowmen. I think they couldv'e pulled it off in like, 2 weeks. Fuck that year and three months BS.

    edit- wait what would have happened if sauran saw the wring and new they were coming?

  17. Thank you, someone who reads Tolkien's work, including his letters

    This very thing was addressed right after Fellowship of the Ring was released, many fans wondered why they didn't just fly on the backs of giant eagles..These are in his "letters" that his son releato the public after his death..

    The eagles were maiar spirits, not of the same rank and power as gandalf and saruman, who were once mighty "angels" so to speak. After the end of the second age, when Numenor was drowned because of Man's supreme arrogance, The valar, who are the creators of the universe under the guidance of Eru, the One, decreed that the great spirits were not allowed to interfere with Middle-Earth and the remnants of Beleriand. Of course, there were bad maiar spirits like sauron who said fuck you and did what they want.

    Since that includes races such as Eagles, and Beorn-Men (were-bears) could not fight for the fate of middle-earth, even though they lived there.
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    It's about the journey....

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