Why didn't Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler work?

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  1. Dear Blades,

    Why didn't Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler work?

    Neville gave Hitler everything he asked for. In return he got a hand written piece of paper declaring that there will be "peace in our time."


    What went wrong?

    Why did appeasement not work?
  2. I'm not the biggest WWII buff and on top of that I'm pretty dumb, but I'll guess it didn't work since the appeasement didn't involve the destruction of the Soviet's Bolshevik regime.

  3. Huh??
  4. Because the British were Imperialist warmongers? Anyone else tried to expand their empire and it was a vile act of fascism rather than the noble act of spreading free trade and technology that the British empire was?

    Not WWII literate really.
  5. I thought Hitler's main objective, besides recovering what he saw as stolen German lands, was crushing the communist jew bolshevik bastards in Russia.
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    Appeasement never work, because totalitarian regimes (and so inclined people or groups) do not respect anything but brute force. They see concessions as a sign of weakness, one they can exploit in order to continue their agenda whatever that may be.

    So when the western democracies allowed Nazi-Germany to take over the Czech Sudetenland, they interpreted that as France and the UK not having the will to confront by means of force the Nazi expansionist doctrine. In short, France and the UK was seen as weak and conflict-shy, thus allowing thinking a carte-blanche was given for further German claims to continue unopposed.

    Which as we know, lead to the total annexation of the Czech shortly after, and not taking serious the Allied guarantees towards Poland.

    The more interesting and tragic part, is that the nazi agenda was no secret, hidden from the western democracies (or the soviets for that matter). Appeasement is a result of burying ones head in the sand, not being willing to see or confront evil, even when it is obvious and proclaimed to the world. Appeasement is making a deal with the devil, and we all know who gains from that. Not that I believe in a devil, but it is a nice saying, and you all know what I mean.

    One should never tolerate the intolerant. That was Chamberlains great error. Churchill had warned of the designs and agenda of Nazi Germany, and he was by no means popular for it, he was vilified as a rabble-rousing paranoid warmonger. But he was proven right, and was the right man to clean up the mess left in the spineless appeasers wake.

    Much like Geert Wilders is today vilified by the spineless political correct moral relativist appeasers to islam.
  7. Well liberals/leftists?

    Why didn't appeasing Hitler work?
  8. Here is why Neville Chamberlain's honorable efforts at appeasement didn't work, read it carefully:

    Winston Churchill's "Munich" Speech in the House of Commons:
    The Munich Agreement
  9. Because Hitler considered Germany superior to any other nation and was a social-Darwinist? Makes sense to me - Hitler obviously considered England inferior, and saw this appeasement as a show of weakness, something he could exploit. And so he did, he took England for their money, for their offerings, and launched his imperialist campaign anyways - because that's what a strong SURVIVOR nation would do, right? Englands appeasement demonstrated their social weakness, one that Germany could exploit.

    Basically, Hitlers social-Darwinist stratergy was that survivor nations, SUCCESSFUL nations, were comparable to a leech. It has no friends and needs no friends, it simply drains the host and grows larger and more powerful the more it feeds. England fed the leech, not realising that it's impossible t befriend the leech. Hitler didn't realise that

    1) Social-Darwinism is a bad, bad concept...

    2) If you really want to go down that road, making close allies and sharing resources provides far more security, stability and potential for assistance than fucking everyone over with the belief that you're superior so fuck everyone else.

    These are my thoughts on the matter. At the end of the day though, Hitler couldn't be appeased because he was a very strange, quite evil man. That's not to say Nazi Germany couldn't of been appeased, with a less pyschotic leader perhaps Chamberlains appeasements would of worked. But, as I say, Hitler had quite a crazy streak in him...
  10. Do conservatives/rightists not have the right to answer? Or will you agree with whatever one of them says?
  11. I challenge every liberal/pacifist to read Winston Churchill's response in the House of Commons to Neville Chamberlain's foolish deal at the Munich Agreement of 1938.

    The Munich Agreement

    If you don't take the time to read it in full you have no business stating your opinion on the matter.
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    They are free to give answers, of course.

    But the appeasment tactics of our modern day Chamberlains have been in the news lately, and so inspired this thread. "If we just give in to the people who are hell-bent on genocide and world domination, they will totally stop wanting genocide and world domination! Appeasment will work this time!!!"

    EDIT: If a conservative gives a totally bullshit answer I'll call them out for it.

    But I'm happy to let the liberals show that leftists beliefs only work when you avoid thinking critically, and watch them squirm as they try and square a circle in regards to appeasement.
  13. Chamberlain under estimated Hitler's ambitions.
    By letting Hitler have Austria and the part of Czechoslovakia Chamberlain believed that would satisfy him.

    There was no appetite for war after what Europe suffered in WW1 and at the time Chamberlain would have done anything to avoid war.

  14. This is why. Poland was being a douchebag and would have rather the Western powers become entangled in a world war than allow the people of Danzig to return to Germany. Hitler wanted to negotiate with Poland as part of the anti-comintern pact, but they were suicidal in their pride.

    If Chamberlain had continued to "appease" Hitler (ie negotiate for the sake of saving millions of lives) there would have only been a Nazi vs Soviet war, instead of a World War, which really pissed Hitler off and made him go and kill Jews.

    Hitler revered England more than any other country and respected their role in Europe. As General von Blumentritt recalls after Hitler allowed the British retreat at Dunkirk in 1940:


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