Why did you start toking?

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  1. Were you pressured by a peer, or did you go looking for it, etc.

    I was never really against drugs, just never interested. Then i found erowid, and became knowledgeable;)

    I spent a month trying to get my first sack, got ahold of an old grade school comrade, known him since grade 1:D

    Never stopped since then, still got the same guy.

    How bout you dudes/dudettes? How'd you get introduced to the herb?
  2. There are lots of threads about this, just so ya know.

    When I was 15 my best friend and I were asking around for alcohol and someone offered us weed instead. We took it :)
  3. Damn, sorry didnt know. To baked to search :D
  4. In 7th grade
    Friend: You wannna smoke some pot? ***** has some.
    Me: Isn't that shit bad for you?
    Friend: Nah man it's fun
    Me: You convinced me.

    Then we toked.
  5. I was never pressured. In grade 9 gym I always talked to a stoner and told him I smoked. So for 6 months of talking to him I said to myself, "I need to get high for real"
    Found some weed after 2 weeks of looking and havnt stopped since.
  6. i went looking for it. i wasn't pressured into it. when i was 17 i bought a 20 bag from a friend and smoked it..i didn't get high i don't think i did it right but i did seek it out.

    then at 19 i met my friend and he was/is an avid toker...so i just started smoking alot. it was nice. but i was never peer pressured into it.
  7. Was just curious.
  8. I was pretty anti- drugs/alcohol/anything

    But sophmore year in highscool 2 friends i had study hall with pressured me, and asked me to smoke every day for like 3 months. Eventually I was just like fuck it.

    I've thanked them multiple times for pressuring me, one of the best decisions of my life.
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    Well in 8th grade,my best friend (wich was in 9th grade) started to say he wanted to try weed,and im like,man that will fuck u up,so he started to show me some links and facts about it,he convinced me,i had a friend that was a dealer,so my best friend talked to him and he bought a dime bag,called me,we tried to do some homemade bongs but they didnt work lol(apples,potatos,and other stuff) so we just rolled on some printing paper(yea bad idea) it burned as hell,so we tried a couple of more time,he got high the third time we toked,i got high the 4th one:D

    I thank him 4 doing what he did,and like DMG said,best decision of my life 4 sure
  10. I actually held off on smoking a long time. Not because I was against it or scared but because I had intended to run for public office and had delusions about crazy accurate test people could do to test you. After I realized that wasn't true I still didn't smoke because I didn't hang out with anyone who did, and just started drinking instead. Frankly I think this was a huge bit of misfortune for me, weed is much better than alcohol.
    Anyway, I went to college where like half the people around you smoke, where my curiosity promptly got the better of me and I started smoking with some kids in my dorm who had a beautiful GonG setup in their room. Ever since then I've smoked, sometimes a lot, sometimes just a bit, but always with great enjoyment.

    Actually now that I think about it I have never once even known someone who was "peer pressured" into smoking when they didn't want to. The entire idea seems more and more ridiculous the more you think about it. Smokers just want to chill and have fun, and those around them to do the same. I understand there are assholes in ever group, but I doubt there are really many stoners out there pressing people around them to smoke.
  11. My cousin smoked 24/7 I was 10 years old and I asked to hit her steamroller.. I acted like I had smoked b4 and it wasn't my first time.
  12. well i was curious, and i had also seen the big lobowski, so how could i not try the drug smoked by the coolest dude in the world; The Dude!
  13. i was actually very anti weed. but then my cousin asked me one day if i wanted to smoke. i gave it a try, loved it. now i do everyday :):smoke:
  14. Age 16. Finally got curious after months of saying I had no desire to try it. I'm glad I did. :D
  15. when i was 14 a few of my friends smoked and i always wanted to try it so i did one day pretty spontaneously kinda started smoking more each year from there
  16. My friend and I were sitting in my car drinking whiskey and he convinced me that smoking would be a good idea because it opens your mind and makes everything look like an impressionist painting. So, I took a couple hits. It just made me puke, but it's something that stuck with me forever.
  17. When I was 14 and just got into high school a friend I made that was 16 told me that everyone smoked in high school and that I should try it, so curiosity got the best of me and we smoked dank out of an apple and I got high as fuckk.

    After that I quite for like 6 months and lost interest again because no one I hung out with at the time smoked. Then my parents left for vacation one day and had my sister watch me me for a week, she wanted to see me high so we smoked blunts the whole week and thats what got me back into it. I started to smoke with her and my brother a lot until I found friends that did too.

    Feels good man.
  18. 16 years old. I just wanted to try it when my friends were doing it one day... the rest is history.
  19. At first, because my friend told me it was the shit when we were 16. After a few sessions with him, I never really felt anything because of the keychain pipe we were using, I never inhaled correctly and we used to smoke nugs like n00bs!:eek:

    It wasnt until I started smoking cigs that I got the inhalation part down.

    Over the summer of that year, I was picked up one night by a stranger in my apartment complex when I was 17; this night would prove to be one of the most life-changing experiences ever in my life. My first time being high.

    It's so ironic how I set out on a quest for weed that night and then a complete stranger picked me up and come later I found out that he smoked.

    When we got back to his place, there were six other grown ass people there just chillin ready to go to a party. The only white dude there (besides me being half white:p) was just laying back on the couch next to me with his eyes barely open said to me, "Im so stoned...:D" And then made the funniest smile Ive seen to this day.:laughing:

    The guy who picked me up's brother rolled a blunt, sparked it and then handed it to the stoned white guy next to me. He declined and I stepped up and took the blunt.

    I took about four to five big hits, which would prove to be more than enough to get me FUXXED UP!

    Before I knew it, I found myself just staring at one of those infomercials that come on after 2am. When I realized what I was watching, I realized I was actually high!

    I kept saying to myself "Ooohhhh, so this is why people smoke!". It was the greatest eureka moment in my life.
  20. My best friend had been doing it for a couple of months, and one day he just asked me if I wanted to smoke. That was last November, the 19th. And I have loved every moment since that first hit.

    There's a really funny story behind it, actually. I just am in no condition to type it all out.

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