why did you get started growing Pot??

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    I love to ask this Question and hear the answers people give..There are so many different reason why people get started growing..

    I am new around here and thought I share my story with you all..I was digonosed with cancer and was going through kemo and was buying pot to keep the pain down in cali...This one moring i was extrmely sick and could not get to the store fastenough to get me some pot to help my pain..I wanted the topshelf shit but could only afford the low grade shit..I remember sitting outside on the curb trying to roll this joint and could not get it done becuse the pain was so bad in my hands..This guy walked by and ask me If I needed any help I siad no and he went on into the dispencary and came back out a few minutes later and sat down next to me..I will never forget his words at that moment he said why dont you let someone help you out and he reached into his pokect and handed me a glass jar with the best topshelf shit they had in the store..I said i cant afford that he said i want to help you out just let me..He rolled me joint and sat right there and smoke it with me and gave me the rest of the Jar to take home with me..I could not drive home that day so he ended up driving me home and we became friends..He would bring me topshelf pot when i would go for kemo and bring some of the best brownines i every had..As i got better he brought me into his world of indoor growing it was the best therpay going over there and growing pot help me keep my mind of my sickness and focusing all my engry into growing it was fun and along the way I have been able to help others out that have been in my situation that day i was so sick such a satisfying thing to be able to help others with out that just need a friend and some pot..I love everything about pot feels good to help others along the way I am such a big advocate for majiuana for medical uses it saved my life not just smoking it but giving something to do when I did not feel good i could go sit with my plants and talk to God an I would feel better..

    PLZ share yours with me thanks GOD BLESS all
  2. Great story mine is I realized I was good at gardening and my medical card said I could grow 15 plants :smoke:

    But basically I was sick of buying when I could grow my own knowing exactly whats been done to it. Also if you take the time to check on your grow daily it will end up alot better than any commercially grow buds.
  3. I thought I would't answer this question but thanks for asking.

    I have a very bad dental problem which mad me loose my teeth from the age of 14, I'm now really older and I've been livnig with the pain all my life.
    I saw this difference between the recreational smokers and the medicinal use, I'm eating my MJ cause smoking anything will get my case even worse (infections of all kind already and I don't want to get more surgery).

    Thanks for sharing your story sleepy, and you have a point on the growing hobby becoming also some sort of new dimension where you don't feel the pain for some moments. Before that I was just looking at it grow randomly in my garden, and now it became something (indoor) that bring me good times on a day to day basis.

    I hope you'll recover soon,
    All the best

  4. He'll yes, thank you for sharing your story with all of us. Although we use cannabis for different reasons the end goal is the same.... Get this shit legalized and regulated(unlike that poison Alcohol). Your story is one that very few ppl share with others which in my opinion is usually disregarded when the subject of legalizing comes up. Your story shows that were all not just sitting around smoking pot and getting into illegal activities, it shows that there are people that get great medical results from not only smoking it but growing it. I'm kinda ashamed to say that I have been labeled as a severly depressed prson, when I had my meds the only thing they did was put my ass to sleep and make me eat like crazy with a whole bunch more crappy side effects. Now when I began growing indoors that room turned into an oasis of sorts. I could go sit w/ my Babis and just relax, no t.v. no other distractions nothing to get me all jumbled up in my head. Growing truly offered me something that no doctor could prescribe.... Peace of mind. Idk somthn bout being in my mini jungle was and is just amazingly relaxing, actually it's so relaxing and calming that I haven had to take any nasty meds for a while now. So basically I just wanna give a big thanx for sharing your story. In my opinion we need more people talking about this side of cannabis for people to really appreciate what this BEAUTIFUL plant does.
    -Thanks Alot

  5. There is no shame in any of it bro..
    I felt ashmed that day my new friend apprarched me because i felt like A grown man like me should not need others help..But we all need not be ashmed of any of it because pot I think any day is better than MEDS..
  6. It just goes to show you what kind of people actually use MJ. Great stories. Mine isn't as dramatic. Just a pothead with a green thumb that got a free plant that was being tossed in the garbage. The rest is history. Back to the good people though. Just a bunch of friendly, kind, caring people. I don't know any hardened criminals. But I do know assholes with like 5 D.U.I's. Go figure. Fucking lawmakers suck. everyone out there keep spreading the love and keep the world green.
  7. This is truly the side of cannabis users that not lawmakers should be seeing(they dont give a shit who uses it aslong as their pockets are filled) but the people that go and vote that are sadly missinformed of who actually uses cannabis and how we use it. It frustrates me to the point of insanity when I ask sumone y it's illegal and the most common reply is "it's a dangerous drug that leads to crime" ....BULLSHIT! It's not their fault tho, these people have been basically brain-washed into thinking this crap. I wish I could gather all these ppl and inform them of the truth. Now I'm not sayn that there is no crime associated w/ cannabis because there's always gunna be those A-HOLES that are out there doing various illegal activites and just so happen to get busted while they still have cannabis on them. Anywho.... I cud go on with my opinions for hours and hours so il cut myself short and end this here.
    If any of us ever come to a situation where a wrongly informed person comes into contact with u then please direct them to the correct info of cannabis, the only way it will ever be legalized to any degree is informing the uniformed. We all know that "knowledge is power" and this has never been more true then now.(I cudnt resist the knowledge is power saying lol)
    -Happy Growing
  8. One day I tossed a seed from a bag into a flower bed. I was completely shocked when the seed grew into a plant that produced decent bud. Next summer I ran a patch of 22 full-size outdoor plants. Did that for a couple of years on an ever-increasing scale, then moved indoors. A few years later, turned pro.

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  10. A family member of mine was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24. They have now been undergoing kemo for over 8 months and the ill effects are ever-growing. I also have a condition that allows me to have my card, although not as serious as cancer. Because of this I decided to start a grow to supply meds for both of us, and the extras I accept donations for to cover my costs. I have always had a knack for growing things, and love the satisfaction I get from seeing something all the way through from start to finish. Being able to look at the end product and say "I did that" is a pretty cool feeling. On top of that, being able to supply pain killing meds, as well as a way to allow people with cancer to eat during treatment, is an awesome satisfaction.

    I too see no issues at all with growing or using MJ either recreationally or medically. Society just needs to wake up.

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